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The golden ratio (phi) represented as a line divided into two segments a and b, such that the entire line is to the longer a segment as the a segment is to the shorter b segment: φ = (a+b) : a = a : b.

Two quantities are in golden ratio to one another if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities.

The golden ratio sometimes happens to be roughly similar to attractive proportions of the human body, such as a man's shoulder width to waist ratio,[1][2] however there is actually no evidence that people find golden ratios more attractive than other similar ratios, even though the golden ratio is often hyped to be the most attractive ratio. The entire concept is pretty much a myth.

Golden ratio face (female)[edit]

Dr. Stephen Marquardt developed a patented beauty mask that puts a visual to the proportions of a face, that perfectly matches the golden ratio. The mask correlates exceptionally well with women whom have the most Looks, Money, and Status on the planet. For example, Hollywood actresses that play a supporting role to the lead man, such as “Bond girls” in the James Bond movies.

Criticism (female)[edit]

The overwhelming majority of men are attracted to the golden ratio face’d woman, however not all men are. Some men are attracted to *variations* of the golden ratio face, such as even fuller lips, or an even higher canthal tilt, or smaller more round jaw etc. International female supermodels have exotic features that deviate from the golden ratio in such attractive ways.

Despite the woman in the video above being the closest known human to resemble the golden ratio mask. No one actually perfectly fits the mask, because the ratio is an irrational number, like pi the numbers in the ratio go on for eternity.

When a face matches the golden ratio too perfectly the face looks cold, robot like, fake, non human, and unreal, because the golden ratio in perfection only makes good looking inanimate objects. When a human resembles and object too closely the uncanny valley effect ensues.[3]

Golden ratio face (male)[edit]

When the golden ratio mask is applied to males, the overwhelming majority of men's faces do not fit the mask at all whatsoever. Even Hollywood's leading men, the guys with the most SMV on the planet, have faces that don't match with the golden ratio.

This discrepancy was so large, Dr. Marquardt had to computer image analyze Hollywood's leading men's faces to determine how and in what ways their features deviated from the golden ratio.

Dr. Marquardt discovered Hollywood's leading men (such as Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Pierce Brosnan, George Clooney etc.) have faces that fundamentally match the golden ratio, but certain features deviate in exotic ways for example, thinner lips, stronger chin, more protruding, nose, larger jaw, hunter eyes etc. The most common deviation among the men is also the most exaggerated feature, a low set, heavily protruding brow ridge.

This suggests women are most attracted to men whom look like they dominate and agress other men. In essence, biological alpha males.

Criticism (male)[edit]

The few men that actually have faces that match the golden ratio, such as singer Harry Styles, actually do have a hi SMV and are known as Pretty Boy's.[4]

Even in populations where the women select the men only for their looks, the men heavily deviate from the golden ratio in attractive ways. For example, the most desirable men always have striking, hunter eyes, more prominent cheekbones etc. Also in such societies the men do facial exercises, but don't body build, nor do any of the men appear to have any where close to a golden ratio shoulder width to waist ratio.

These facts indicate women care much more about a man's face than body, and that women care more about producing son's that have aggressive and intimidating faces. This mating preference leads some men to become Fisherian runaways.

All of that also suggests Pretty Boys and by extension cutecel’s are “genetic flukes” or “mistakes”, essentially by products of non dominant and or non aggressive looking men reproducing with conventionally beautiful women.

Further criticism[edit]

Psychologists, starting with Gustav Fechner (1876), have proposed that humans could somehow recognize this ratio in all kinds of proportions and experience it as the most aesthetic proportion. Fechner's historical findings have however never conclusively been reproduced.[5][6] Some have even called the golden ratio “the biggest myth in design”, saying it is only coincidental that aesthetic proportions sometimes resemble the golden ratio.[7] The proportions in humans that supposedly follow a golden ratio are often significantly different from the golden ratio.[8]


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