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The term glitterpill refers to the idea that males should look more like androgynous anime characters, particularly like the one below


The theory was developed by DarthDVA of[1]

Mechanism of action[edit]

According to the glitterpill, female desire is extremely flexible and while some may still prefer the ogrepill, females will gladly start preferring men who look like androgynous anime characters. People such as Yaoi artists and fangirls tend to be largely the leaders in creating the art and aesthetics of males that the glitterpill has taken influence from, however for incel people, this is usually only popular to some bicels (usually the more straight leaning ones) and also may also be criticized by other bicels.

Glitterpill vs pussypill[edit]

Opponents of the glitterpill often tout the pussypill, that having similar genitals is more important than any pills about lookism. The glitterpill/pussypill debate still rages on between opponents of each.

Proponents of the pussypill accuse proponents of the glitter to pill to be


An accusation that glitterpillers sometimes deny.


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