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George Sodini
Name: Sodini, George
Birth: September 30, 1960
Job: Law Firm Financial Dept
Ethnicity: White

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George Sodini (alias Solimorphic,[1] George Somms,[2] crazygeorge,[3] MOSB46PGH[4]) was a 48-year-old computer systems analyst and cyclist[5] who was involuntarily celibate (incel) for 19 years and hadn't had a girlfriend in 25 years, since 1984.[6] He studiously went to dating coach classes by scammer R. Don Steele. He also did home study of Don's dating coach materials and found no success.

Later, George left a note on his dating frustration blog that hundreds of women just call him a “nice guy”, put two suicide notes in a bag, and is reported to have tragically shot twelve women in a Pittsburgh aerobics (Latin dance) class, killing three. Sodini was a victim of dating advice. Sodini had a child with a woman named Lee Ann Valdiserri in early 1991, and he had not known the baby for more than four months.[7]

George seemed to have a particular dislike of religious people, black people, and Obama.

Feminist Reaction[edit]

There was no evidence Sodini used or any incelospherian community that existed at that time. This didn't stop Jezebel from randomly asserting that the True Forced Lonliness YouTube vlogs must have influenced him. Despite there being no evidence of him viewing or associating with those extremely obscure and non-violent video blogs. Jezebel also tried to connect the 1980s French University shooting to him.[8] There exists no evidence of this connection besides a query about Marc Lepine within unverified, alleged posts of Sodini's Google Search history (which were posted in image form on Reddit).

Feminists seemed disappointed that simple dating advice and women could have alone motivated the attack, and desperately wanted to connect the attack to something other than those two things.

To this day, feminists in the media and on Wikipedia try to downplay Sodini's attack as not relevant to involuntary celibacy, and only focus on Elliot Rodger. After all Sodini had no known mental illnesses, had been successful with women before and had a child, and his vlogs showed no deviant personali-tee-hee traits besides anger and casual racism (the latter arguably being normal). If someone wants to make all involuntary celibates seem like unhinged weirdos, it's convenient to ignore Sodini.

Still Unreleased Suicide Notes[edit]

Police found two typed notes in Sodini's bag at the scene of the crime, each reflecting his depression and frustration with women. He complained of “never having spent a weekend with a woman”[9] He apparently also complained in the notes about how he never vacationed with a woman, or lived with a woman, and how his sexual experiences were limited.[10]

These notes have still not been released by authorities in full.

Dating Coaching[edit]

Video exists of Sodini attending 3 day, 8 hour seminars by dating coach R. Don Steele, in the video Don Steele says, “Nice guys must die,” Steele said in the video. “I would say that is the problem with most guys in the room. You are too nice.”[11] Then, Sodini is shown shaking hands with one of Steele's “beautiful blond assistants” as part of an exercise in how to meet women.[12]

“He was really, really quiet, he took a lot of notes,” said Erin Micklow, 20, who was hired last year to work at a self-help seminar Sodini attended on how to date women.

Micklow, a model and an actress, described Sodini as “the most studious in the workshops.” “George didn’t seem like a bad person,” she said. “He was there for self improvement.”[13]

Ironically, Don started doing dating coaching in the same year Sodini's singeldom began, 1984 [14]

Here are videos of dating seminars Sodini attended, with Sodini in shot:

George Sodini at The Right Attitude Workshop part 1:
George Sodini at the The Right Attitude Workshop part 2:

Sodini's last blog post[edit]

Sodini's last blog post was posted during July 2009. In it he wrote

Last time I slept all night with a girlfriend it was 1982. Proof I am a total malfunction. Girls and women don't even give me a second look anywhere. There is something blatantly wrong with me that no goddam person will tell me what it is."

—George Sodini

This blog post detailed his net worth of over 250 thousand dollars, the estranged mother of his child, that people didn't know the full extent of his frustration, and that women would only ever call him a, “nice guy”.[15] He had also sought dating help to no avail before the shooting.[16]

Full text[edit]

Full text of Sodini's last blog post


In his first vlog, George says that R. Don Steele told him, he has “15 more years” to be successful with women. Sodini said in this vlog that his objective during Steele's class was the following:

[to] be real and emotionally connect with people [...] Because when I’m 10 to 20 years older than she is, she has to feel good about this thing

—George Sodini

"This thing", being a relationship presumably. After frustration involving older women only describing him as a, "nice guy", George noted in a blog that he noticed teenage girls flirting with him in public. After which, George became obsessed with the idea of having a relationship with a large age difference. He seemed committed to dating a woman who was between 20-30 years old, as a 48 year old himself.[17]

In his second vlog, George films his house as a part of an exercise for the dating coach's class. In this vlog, George shows off his house, a copy of Steele's book: How to Date Young Women: For Men over 35, his house, Altima Car, 32 inch TV, computer, stereo, large speakers, matching couch and chair that will “impress women” (in his words, possible sarcasm), dining room set, rug, 2 bedrooms, extra computer, a room “so clean she will be impressed”, cologne, “CDs and tapes I [he] bought since joining the list”, his backyard, finished cellar, his network, and punching bag.

Personal life[edit]

His first kiss was at age 14, with a 16 year old girl.[18][19]

He had a hatred of religious people, (particularly religious right-wingers) suggesting he was non-religious.

He self-identified as 'crazy', sarcastically defining 'crazy' as anyone not an SRI drugs like Prozac.[20] Someone from Reddit claims to have obtained hacked copies of Sodini's Google search history. In this alleged search history are queries about social anxiety, schizoid personality disorder and avoidant personality disorder.[21][22] The alleged search history also included queries about nazis, queries about the age of consent by state, anti-Obama pages describing Obama as a socialist or nazi, a query about Ivanka Trump, queries trying to tie poor blacks as causes of the 2008 housing crisis, and self-help related queries.

He described himself as an optimist, a fan of woman's basketball, having interest in thrill rides and strategy games, and an appreciation of pre-1960s movies.[23]

Online activity[edit]

George Sodini used the generic advice website, inquiring about if large age differences in dating was normal.[24]

The academic Brynn Trofimuk claims that Sodini interacted with 27 people on, 3 of whom may have at some point said something vaguely sexist anywhere in the world.[25][note 1] Brynn acknowledges that Sodini had 0 connections to violent misogynist networks.[26] In her piece, Brynn weighs labeling incels as sex offenders vs violent terrorists, so as to best... ?. She asserts that no violent incels have raped anyone in the process of violent crimes.


All two Sodini vlogs plus a news reel:


The worst people by far are the religious types. Especially a right-wing, stiff-faced fundie. [...] Religion has a certain stink to it of guilt, shame, fear, and that moral standard that always contradicts the natural tendencies and desires of a person.

—George Sodini[27]

Religious people are kooks [...] motivated by guilt, fear and shame.

—George Sodini[28]

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