Genetic Token Theory

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The genetic token theory is a proposed hypothesis to crack the x-factor equation, essentially offering an explanation to what really drives attraction, at a more advanced level.

Many incel skeptics are baffled at the prospects & successes of some average or even uglier men. Throughout the blackpill lifespan we could only assume that attraction forms as either pure attraction (looks) or appealing to certain stereotypes. The current theory aims to pin down the exact reasons as to why some men are selected over others.

Psychopathy & Neurotypical behavior as a pre-cursor to success[edit]

According to dark triad theory we often see bizarre correlations between anti-social behavior and mating success. According to some observations, we can ascertain that psychopathic tendencies by themselves do not create attract alone, but it's rather a genetic signature that could be passed down through certain biomarkers. a good example of that would be "crazy eyes" or certain pheromones that are released through the air (as some schoolers suggest).

Perhaps, some of the personality traits within us are also embedded into our looks, and it could very well be that some personality traits are more desirable than others. (regardless of how they are relayed)

Genetic Token[edit]

The current blackpill ideologues state that a person can analyze a prospective partner's face in mere seconds, therefore attraction is instantly built through this mechanism alone. the genetic token theory asserts that attraction is built overtime, but looks help to solidify what is passed down as a "genetic coin". It could be that prospective dates analyze your face multiple times, to build a proper profile. When analysis is complete a certain candidacy is formed in their minds. It could be that certain biomarkers associated with immune systems, emotional stability and physical prowess can be built through vocal tonality and other things that we may not aware of.

Whats changed?[edit]

The Halo effect is the appearance of something being appealing, but what if it is not? what if there is no halo at all and a proper genetic token is built and maintained by surrounding individuals- resulting in favorable results.

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