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A Gamma Male is an outcasting pejorative that the alt-rightist, Vox Day coined in his, “sociosexual hierarchy”, as an intermediary between, “alpha/beta males”, and, “omega males”.

It is essentially his word for, “nerd”, just with a fancy new wrapper. Vox came up with the word to insult any critic of his, and to convince, “subject matter experts”, to work for him or someone else (what he calls, “elevating to a Delta”).


A “gamma male” to Vox is many, sometimes contradictory, things, including:

  • Any activist pushing for social reform he doesn't personally like. (so, to him Michael Moore is a, “gamma”, but not himself)
  • Any person that writes long amounts of text in a way he doesn't personally like.
  • Any person who dislikes particular leaders that Vox likes (such as himself)

To Vox and other alt-righters, most advocation of social reform (social justice) “proves” one is insecure and has an immoral jealousy of the leaders (“alphas”) in society. The word is therefore a way to label all social activists as “lesser than”. It's also used as a way to call someone a “nerd”.


The term was further adopted by others.[1][2]

People Vox calls, “Gamma”[edit]

  • Jordan Peterson
  • Michael Moore
  • The fictional characters from, “Revenge of the Nerds”
  • Many of Vox's fans
  • People who write long-posts in internet comments

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