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The incompetencel (incompentencel being a portmanteau of "incompetence" and "incel") or fuckupcel or bad-decisioncel is a man who is always making bad decisions that sabotage any success he might otherwise have had. When he makes one bad decision, rather than finding a way to redeem himself, he keeps squandering new opportunities he's given by making more mistakes. Eventually he realizes, there's no hope, because by extrapolating outward, he sees that the pattern is just going to continue in every new situation in which he finds himself.

We might also call this the "losercel" but loserdom can also come about through laziness rather than incompetence. So really the incompetencel is a subcategory of the larger category of losercel.

The incompetencel also quite frequently has autistic characteristics, which prevent him from leveraging whatever advantages he might otherwise have been able to use to get pussy. E.g., he may be sexually oblivious, or even realize when he has sexual opportunities but then make various blunders that keep him from capitalizing on them.

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