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Fschmidt is a reactionary, anti-feminist, software engineer, and former matchmaker who is famous for promoting the idea that women prefer "evil morons".

He claims that he came to that conclusion due to the fact that he was involuntarily celibate until his mid-20s, despite apparently being non-ugly, reasonably wealthy, and in good physical shape. He states that when he asked his male friends to inquire among women as to why he was being constantly rejected by them, the women in question informed his friends that it was because he was 'weird'. This information led him to the conclusion that it was his 'high intellect' and distinct moral code that was the main cause of his nonredamancy, which led him to seek dating solutions 'outside of modern culture' (Mexico).

He is also notable for being the mentor of the founder of r/incels, who was known as "Caamib".

Fschmidt was active on love-shy.com, Incel.life, Reddit, and other forums. He is an Ashkenazi Jew and a political reactionary (though he calls himself a libertarian in the tradition of the American founding fathers) who states he 'follows the Old Testament'. He is currently trying to relocate to one of two areas with a lot of Mennonites and Muslims, and currently administrates a self-described, "reactionary", forum called mikraite.org. For example, he wants to live in the Colonia Vianna in the Mennonite area of North Mexico according to a post of his on Conservative Exodus on Saidit (with an 'S').[1]

Opinions on inceldom and politics[edit]

Like his disciple Caamib, he rejects the blackpill (mainly the lookist and defeatist aspects) and claims that women don't care much about a potential mates looks. Instead, he asserts women primarily seem out "evil morons" through a process of fisherian runaway selection that favors a female dysgenic preference for these traits in modern western society as opposed to a supposed preference for Betabux providers and 'co-alpha' men (intelligent men who supposedly guide or advise Alpha men, who are defined solely as hierarchy leaders in his socio-sexual taxonomy) in third world countries.

His ideology is of an extreme type, and does not focus upon racial issues (common to the so-called alt-right). He attends a mosque, supports an Islamic conquest of the west, and the killing of "members of modern culture" (defined as the vast majority of people in contemporary western society) and has previously claimed to fund certain Islamic organizations. He appears to have recently soured in terms of his evaluation of the ability of Islam to promote 'intelligent behavior', in reaction to Muslims' general stance on COVID lockdowns, etcetera.

Fschmidt & Caamib[edit]

At one time, fschmidt was caamib’s mentor, but then caamib began to outshine his master, acquiring more fame and becoming the more dominant partner in the relationship.

Matchmaking service[edit]

He claims to have created a Facebook-based matchmaking service called 'Single Sushi',[2] that has helped at least two incels ascend by getting mail-order brides, including "a former mod of r/incels".

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