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A Frenchcel or baguettecel or un francel (or une francelle in the case of a femcel) is a French-speaking incel. Notable francels have included Marc Lépine and FeminismIsCancer. On, Pareg was a prominent francel.

French makeup[edit]

Francels have described Paris as a place where "cucked bluepilled normies are everywhere, the rest is just roasties and Gigachads or Tyrones".[1] Also, "French girls are very sexually liberated, probably much more than in US because French culture is not nearly as religious and thus prude as American culture. They are sexually active very early, but of course only a minority of boys get any action because of the 80/20 rule."[2]

French child assistance and incel robbery[edit]

There is also a state French program called "Caisse d'allocations familiales" by which money is redistributed from childless incel people to sex-havers who produced offspring.

Suicide and francels[edit]

Honoré de Balzac, in Études philosophiques, writes, "Combien de jeunes talents confinés dans une mansarde s’étiolent et périssent faute d’un ami, faute d’une femme consolatrice, au sein d’un million d’êtres, en présence d’une foule lassée d’or et qui s’ennuie. À cette pensée, le suicide prend des proportions gigantesques."[3] This translates to "How many young talents confined in an attic wither away and perish for lack of a friend, for lack of a consoling woman, within a million beings, in the presence of a crowd weary of gold and who are bored. At this thought, suicide takes on gigantic proportions."

Incel exploitation by francels[edit]

Some francels have been taken advantage by online female penpals who were only interested in practicing their French so they could study abroad. Yuwen recounts how he finally asked his penpal, "Do you seriously think I'd spend so much time teaching you French so I could just be your friend?"[4]

Common advice[edit]

Common advice given to Francels is that they should just surrender (again), and/or become "un héro" (sometimes jokingly spelled "hêrô".[5]

Much like how English-speaking incel people feel oppressed by how the Wikipedia incel article has been slanted against them, Francels feel the same way about the French Wikipedia's incel article.


According to The Independent, "We do not speak (alas) of 'doing' sex (much less 'feeling'), we speak of 'having' it. Even French speaks of 'possessing' and 'possession'. And as soon as it is possible to have it, it is also possible to not have it. And the divide between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots' is historically determined to get greater."[6]

Actually, though, like English, French contains many formulations such as faire l'amour (to make love), avoir des relations sexuelles (to have sexual relations) and coucher ensemble (sleep together), not to mention baiser (to fuck).

FeminismIsCancer notes that French is perhaps the most zoophilic language, because the French "elle" can refer to either a female human or other female animal (such as a mare), in contrast to how the English may differentiate by referring to the woman as "her" and the beast as "it".

Common phrases[edit]

In French, the proper response to Pour combien d'hommes est-ce que c'est fini? (For how many men is it over?) is Plusieurs (several) or Beaucoup (many) or C'est fini pour beaucoup d'hommes (It's over for many men).

The proper response to C'est fini (It's over) is Ça n'a même pas commencé (It never even began).

Incidentally, the word baguette means wand in French, which is suggestive of a wizard.


Some incel people may wish to françaismaxx so that they can "ascend" from being incel people to francels. While this does not acquire for them any pussy, it does at least provide another language in which to talk about le manque de chatte (the lack of pussy).

A typical path to learning French would be, (1) find a native francel who can provide encouragement and answer questions that arise in the course of study, (2) begin a study program (e.g. Progress with Lawless French) to systematically learn grammar and refresh one's familiarity with grammatical rules, (3) find a French-language Internet community in one's areas of interest and begin attempting to compose posts in French, using an online French grammar checker to catch obvious errors and getting one's francelibate friend to correct errors the checker missed, and suggest more idiomatic expressions, before posting; (4) get to a point of being able to read and/or understand French semi-fluidly, and then begin consuming as much French reading material in one's areas of interest as possible, looking up unfamiliar words and phrases to expand one's vocabulary; (5) continue the aforementioned steps above to gain more proficiency.

Some say the key is to read a lot of French; while sources like the French Wikipedia surely are a useful source of examples in how to write in that same style, another more generally helpful one is Linguee, an online bilingual concordance that provides an online dictionary for a number of language pairs.


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