Forever Alone Guy

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Forever Alone Guy
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Personal life
Born Unknown
Job Unknown
Ideology Non-ideological
Temperament Chill/young
Ethnicity Unknown
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Channel Forever Alone Guy
Years active At least 3
Subscribers 1,990

Updated: 05/25/2022

By including this public figure on this wiki, we are not necessarily implying they are incel (involuntarily celibate) or are in any way associated with incels. Furthermore, with regards to any actual incels listed on this wiki, inceldom is a life circumstance, not an insult or a movement/community.

Forever Alone Guy is an incel vlogger and YouTuber. He is a 30+ year old man currently living in Norway.

Many of his videos describe traumatic and horrible experiences with women. His misfortune and malaise is a recurring theme in his videos. Forever Alone Guy usually talks about his life and experiences. Despite being a Norwegian, his verbal English is spectacular.

He's an awesome guy.

Trip to America[edit]

Sometime around 2020, he went to America as an exchange student to give himself a fresh start, however he stated that moving to America has only made things worse, and perhaps there is no escaping his horrible fate.


On suicide[edit]

In his last video he said that giving up & suicide is not an option, and he will keep trying to make a better life for himself.

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