Feminism 5.0

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This page describes feminism 5.0.

Feminism 5.0 involves a new legion of tomboy females, walking down the streets wearing flamboyant but not over sexualized clothing. They will carry guns on their backs, not regular looking guns but flamboyant looking ones as well. They will be the Feminist patrol to keep women safe.

This will reduce female anxiety levels. Women will now walk the streets in comfort, and no longer afraid of males. With less anxiety, women will become more romantic, more likely to be intimate with male lesbians.

Feminist safety patrol[edit]

Anyway, the Feminist safety patrols would have a primary purpose of making women feel safe while going to the movies and such, free of being catcalled. They would have another purpose of protecting women from Wall Street. In one decade, Wall Street will fortunately be female dominated. Most politicians would be female as well.

Chuds are, above all, their own enemy. They will be bred out

Breeding out chuds[edit]

Once the feminism 5.0 regime is in place, they will have eugenic policies (non-racist eugenics) of improving the aesthetics of everyone through selective breeding (only having sex with feminine men). If they refuse to do this and the overall net suffering of society is not reduced from before, there will be more diplomatic talks with the various parties involved.

When this fails to happen, there will be a 3rd group to non-violently overthrow the previous regime. Then true utopia will commence, people will just be cyborgs with custom parts easily getting laid whenever.

Also here is an example about the big tits thing I said earlier. Big tits are sexually arousing. So walking around with big tits would be the same as walking around with a giant boner in public. Once you realize this, a lot of other things about social behaviors now become more clear.

Also what I said about males only applies to most males. Being a hot male is probably almost as good as being tomboy female. But roughly 95% of males are not hot enough for this.

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