Female hypocrisy

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Female hypocrisy is when a woman says one thing, but does something different, usually in a way that suggests they are not honest with themselves or others.

Examples of female statment vs. reality[edit]

  • "Looks are not important" => Only dates hot guys.
  • "Connection is great" => Last boyfriend (model) couldn't speak English.
  • "I don't go for looks" => Always starts her sentences with, "he was cute", when she describes how she has met her new guy
  • "I love mature guys" => Dates guys of the same age.
  • "It's hard to date as a girl" => receives 200 messages when she registered on POF and Tinder
  • "Acts super accepting, compassionate, empathic, and understanding." => proud Donald Trump voter in secret

Further example[edit]

Being a childfree by choice, grown ass woman who has been on and off birth control all my post puberty life, I can say that what I find attractive runs the gamut on any given day, no matter where i am on my reproductive cycle. Prince? Yes, hottest thing on two (short) legs. Hugh Jackman in his wolverinee tight pants? Oh yeah. Jason Momoa (the guy who played Khal Drogo)? Oh fuck yeah. The slightly paunchy shy barback who always asks me how my day is? Yup. The willowy over sensitive more girly than me teenage boyfriend? 10/10 would still do. Black guys, white guys, and every skin tone in between, tall ones, short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, doesn't matter. There is no rhyme or reason to it. There is no secret password to pussy. No look, no height weight ratio, no chin structure that makes a damn bit of difference. Human relationships and sexuality are incredible, and incredibly complicated things. I think one of the places where these love-shy types get messed up is that they want to quantify everything. IE; rating themselves, others and women from 1-10. "Sexual Market Value" "game". Alphas, betas. Fuck all that. There is no magic formula or set of rules that if you follow properly will lead to anything when you are dealing with human relationships. There is no easy answer, no society or biology or birth control to blame. Just DON"T BE A DICK.

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