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/r/FemaleDatingStrategy (FDS) is a pinkpilled subreddit for women to share their egoistic advice on how to best optimize the, "dual-mating strategy", to get "high-value males" (AKA Chad) to commit to them. It is basically the female version of r/TRP, and is notable for containing a significant amount of misandry. It is often thought that the userbase consists of women who are approaching (or have already hit) The Wall after riding the cock carousel and now want a man who is the ultra-rare combination of both Chad and a simp/betabux. This view is derived from the apparent fact that the userbase of FDS heavily overlaps with the subreddits /r/askwomenover30 and /r/datingoverthirty.


FDS is criticized by people of varying philosophical and political beliefs.


People who are critical of capitalism take extreme issue with FDS because it appears to endorse classism and elitism, shaming men who are struggling in the economy (referred to as "low-value males"). FDS doesn't seem to have any desire to reform or end the system that creates this economic underclass. FDS emphasizes that women should aspire to "level up", which often includes being a cog in the capitalist machine.


Egalitarians oppose the tradcon (traditionally conservative) aspects of FDS. FDS seems to have an authoritarian desire to police the behavior of both men and women in society, demanding men to perform chivalrous romantic acts for women while the men generally receive nothing in return. FDS is against nontraditional gender-equal relationships where both the man and the woman pay for dates. Like many tradcons, FDS expresses disdain for the sexual revolution and they also advocate for the banning of popular incel copes such as porn and escorts. Egalitarians accuse FDS of being misogynistic for insulting women (referred to as "pickmeishas") who don't mind casual kinky sex and gender-equal relationships.


Redpillers argue that men who meet the extremely high dating standards of FDS lack much incentive to commit to a faithful monogamous relationship because a plethora of attractive women are chasing after them. Redpillers claim "leveling up" while still being very hypergamous is a self-defeating strategy for any woman because it drastically reduces her pool of available dating options, and she will eventually hit The Wall, becoming indefinitely single and childless.



Although FDS appears to agree with some tradcon principles (displeasure with sexual liberation and a desire to return to traditional gender roles) tradcons accuse FDS of wanting to have their cake and eat it too. They accuse FDS of being hypocritical for demanding men to conform to traditional gender roles, while at the same time believing women shouldn't be expected to follow their own traditional gender roles. Basically, the women of FDS want to be strong independent feminist women and be treated like helpless medieval maidens who need a chivalrous knight to rescue them.


  • Pickmeisha – a woman who is desperate to be picked by a man
  • LVM (low value male)
  • HVM (high value male)
  • Level up (improving LMS while maintaining hypergamy to eliminate a large amount of men from the dating pool)

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