False Spectrum Theory

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The false spectrum theory suggests that we tend to ascribe positive traits to people whom are in relationship. this theory confirms many false assumptions that are made by the environment.

Sometimes a turd is just a turd - HBTDL

Examples & Tropes[edit]

I know an ugly guy that has a hot girlfriend. he MUST have a great personality!
I bet that short stumpy guy got a 10 inch dick! LOOK at his girlfriend!
See, if you had good personality like this ugly dude, you would get laid!
Hmm, a nuclear engineer with no girlfriend, you must be doing something wrong!

Ascribing Negative Traits[edit]

People whom are not in relationship are often ascribed with very negative traits like 'bad smell' or 'horrible personality'. This shatters many of the false beliefs preached by PUA artists

Jack of All Trades Hypothesis[edit]

Men are taught to believe that woman like 'total packages' when it comes to men. For example: intelligence,beauty,personality,wealth etc. But in observable reality, this is not the case.

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