Failure of MGTOW

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The Failure of MGTOW as a leading movement is considered to be one of the most tragic events in the manosphere. When MGTOW died down other manospherian ideas started to spread, in late 2018. Many MGTOW channels were demonetized because of decreased viewership and activity. This led them to stop making content almost entirely. The most prevalent philosophy in the incelosphere is currently: the blackpill.


The MGTOW movement is primarily based on extreme libertarian ideals. This mindset is based on the hoarding of wealth for one’s personal benefit, saving up aimlessly and selfishly while adopting a hedonistic approach to life. The talking heads of the movement believe that every man should fend for himself, even if its impossible to do so. Therefore, it is believed that MGTOW’s adopt extreme self-ownership because they want to mimic woman who do the same with great success. However, their approach of hoarding knowledge and wealth is a means without an end, and is often criticized by Incels who believe existence can only be tolerated if shared with others. This aspect of MGTOW is often called Cope.


MGTOW’s believe that spreading information can lead to large scale change in society. They often say that men should avoid all responsibilities when courting a woman because every woman has the potential to back stab a man via the government. MGTOW’s did not affect a change in society because their idea’s and message’s did not evolve past simplistic truthisms regarding wealth hoarding and supposed male independence. MGTOW’s did not achieve anything by exposing female nature, in fact, the amount of simps grew in epic proportions when MGTOW reached its peak in 2016. As of now, onlyfans has 50 million users and tiktok stands on 1 billion.

Shared Existence[edit]

The MGTOW movement never reached public awareness because none of them were public to begin with. They mostly relied on the sales of self-help books and „life-coaching“ to other men. The MGTOW movement became monetary to the point that it almost resembled the PUA movement. It did not offer help unless it came with a price tag, and most of its members are living very private and recluse lives.

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