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Eyes are probably the single most important trait which determines a male's attractiveness.

Parts of the eye[edit]

There are four orbital rims on the eye socket.

It also includes the brow ridge and cheekbones.


The ideal eye is not bulging; it appears deep-set by orbital rim protrusion (for both sexes). However, bulging eyes aren't bad if you have good bone structure surrounding the eyes. One could have, high, forward-projecting cheekbones but still bulging eyes.

Hooded eyes lack a visible upper eyelid crease. Some argue that it's an aesthetic benefit, though it probably doesn't have any significant impact.

Canthal tilt has a significant impact in male judgments of female attractiveness.[1]

Eye theory[edit]

Some people, like Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, have shitty profiles, but their above-average eyes make them above-average overall.


  1. Bashour, M., & Geist, C. (2007). Is medial canthal tilt a powerful cue for facial attractiveness?. Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, 23(1), 52-56.

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