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It seems like everyone is against the medicalization of inceldom. Incels are against it, incelphobics are against it. It would be near impossible to find someone who is ok with it. Ultimately, I am also very against medicalization of inceldom, but it is still worth exploring, as inceldom is already medicalized partly under “avoidant personality disorder” and “social anxiety disorder” etc.. Inceldom also has a better chance of being medicalized than for a large political party to form to help incels, so we are just more likely to see it.

Why is everyone against if everyone sees inceldom as an issue?[edit]


Anti-incels are against it because they don't want men to feel entitled to sex. In their mind, men feeling entitled to sex would lead to rape. This would only make sense if there truly was not someone out there for everyone. In this sense, incelphobics are very cynical and social darwinian.


Incels are against it for a number of different reasons. One being that it makes inceldom sound like a disease, rather than something that is a product of society. In other words, it invites more blaming the individual instead of society. Another reason being that making inceldom a disease would invite inceldom into the realm of the professionalized “Recover Industry”, a part of society almost anyone with a brain sees as ineffective at best.

Potential positives[edit]

But how about we looks at the potential pros of medicalizing inceldom? To imagine what a positive movement to medicalize inceldom would look like. Likely the only people to benefit from such a thing would be mentalcels. However they are also the majority of incels in my opinion. Anway, pros would be:

  • instead of drugs, sexual surrogates could be therapy (unlikely in capitalism though)
  • you could claim disability for being ugly
  • destigmitization of inceldom (in theory)
  • slightly more accurate diagnoses

Politicising is still better than medicalizing[edit]

All in all though, despite these obvious positives, it remains unknown whether medicalizing inceldom would be on the whole bad or good. I'd personally prefer calling it only a social justice issue instead, in that the solutions would be only political rather than medical. Solutions that don't involve further ostracizing, victim-blaming, or drugging incels. Calling it a social justice issue rather than a medical issue would also hold the government more accountable if solutions to help incels do not help under a medical model. AFAIK Alana is pushing the medicalization method a bit, seemingly preferring incels engage with therapists more with anyone else. Medicalizing human behaviour ultimately makes it so the people put in charge of helping are never wrong, never abusive, and never accountable, because any failure in treatment can be shifted to the “patient”. We can still have universally available 'free' sex surrogates without medicalizing inceldom.

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