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All new accounts all placed on temporary moderation to combat spam. Once you make a few good edits, you'll be manually taken off moderation.

Editing Rules

  • Do not post content violating US/international law (including copyright law)
  • Do not post calls to violence or other illegal activity
  • Do not create a page or write about someone under 18
  • Do not make edits intentionally malicious towards incels, for example, calling incels 'subhumans', 'genetic trash,' and so on.
  • Do not create a page about yourself
  • No blackpill proselytizing, or encouraging people to kill themselves
  • No slut shaming
  • No non-fair-use images
  • Do not write about someone without any notable public presence beyond their forum posts (only fine within their respective forum page)
  • Incel Wiki is not Encyclopedia Dramatica. We have a similar sense of humor, but abide by the rules here, not their rules.
  • Claims of genetic fitness are big claims and thus need to be sourced by academic papers
  • Incel is objectively not an organization, community, ideology, group, movement etc
  • No more misogyny or misandry. This rule is hard to enforce or interpret, so just use common sense. You can include:
    • descriptions of other people's behaviour if it's notable, or
    • funny pokes at a sex, as long as the stuff you add is balanced out elsewhere in the wiki about the other sex, or
    • if more than 0.5% of the content you are adding is sexism content you are doing something wrong
  • Incel Wiki is descriptive, not prescriptive. In other words we do not subscribe to any particular pill or philosophy. WE ARE DESCRIPTIVE.

All in all if you just write descriptive content about subjects relating to inceldom, you will probably be fine.

"Notable incels" inclusion rules

Whether or not someone goes in the "Notable Incels" category can be confusing due to the media haphazardly labeling all sorts of people as incels. Basically, our position is that incel is a life circumstance, so only "life circumstance" incels should go there. See the bullet points below for what is allowed and not allowed.

Inclusion checklist

All the following criteria has to be met for inclusion

  • The individual has been reported on in multiple journalist outlets, is dead (laws about writing about dead people are relaxed), or is a friend of the wiki
  • The individual states they could not find any sexual partner and there is good reason to believe this could be true
  • Internet commentators have stated the individual could not find any sexual partner and there is good reason to believe this is true.

What not to include

  • Joke inclusions
    • Jesus, Hitler etc
  • Someone the media or internet commentators have labeled as incel, but there is no reason to believe this is true
    • Kyle Rittenhouse was labeled an incel, but this is spurious and with no evidence or even any coherent narrative, should not be included
    • According to FBI notes Cole Carini seems to have had a sexually active relationship during his bomb attempt, should not be included
  • Someone the media or internet commentators have labeled as "being part of 4chan/incel culture", but there is no evidence he/she is involuntarily celibate (incel)
    • eg Malik Sanchez
  • Recent criminals (< 6 months from the crime happening). We don't want to reward people for committing crimes. Our wiki isn't the "high score" page from Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Edge cases

For edge case incels, where it's not exactly clear if they were involuntarily celibate, ie evidence isn't great on either side, but there exists a plausible narrative and they were labeled an incel, it's usually best to just leave them out of the wiki.

However, if the edge case is not apart of media slander against incels, or is even apart of a possible media coverup on someone the media would be embarrassed to label as incel, then the individual can go in [[Category:Unconfirmed incels]]. It's valuable to push back against media narratives as they are usually false, based on spurious definitions, hyperfocused on straight white men, and, as of 2022, still often malicious towards actual incels.

Existing Pages and Uploading Images

Check out Special:AllPages to make sure you aren’t making a duplicate page under a different name! If you want an image embedded in a page, leave a link to it in the source, and we will upload and insert it for you! :)

If you can find a way to verify your identity in the WebIRC chat you will be given image upload permissions, you’ll need to request it.

Remember to link your new pages in existing pages!

For any editing questions, visit our IRC chat. You may need to wait a while for a response though, we promise we'll get back to you though if you idle enough in chat.


The first lexicographer to have defined the term “incel” is Ton den Boon. We at IncelWiki endorse his definition because it is descriptivist rather than prescriptivist. When you edit, please incline towards Boon’s definition or another descriptivist definition.

IncelWiki writers tend to be “boon fans”, “boon dogs”, otherwise known as “boon-heads”, due to our respect for Boons work. However, it is important to note however that Boonism is not an ideology or movement.

Removal of Pages or images

For removal, leave a message on the relevant talk page as an anonymous IP about the desire for image or page removal. We will get to your request as soon as we see it if we deem it a valid request.

Other help

The most comprehensive documentary that was ever made about inceldom was The Incel Project which unfortunately stalled. If you know of some way to retrieve the content, please leave a message on this talk page.

Other Disclaimer

Admins/mods endeavor to monitor & appropriately deal with any such material but cannot be online all the time. As such, it is members responsibility to follow the law. IncelWiki takes no responsibility for the actions of others in this Wiki.

If you are feeling suicidal, please call the Samaratin’s Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-877-870-4673. The point of this wiki isn’t to make you feel bad, if you need a professionals help, please seek it.

We discourage editors who are linguistic prescriptivists from editing.

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