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Easy Strength: How to Get a Lot Stronger Than Your Competition-And Dominate in Your Sport is a 2011 book by Dan John and Pavel Tsatsouline. The book rambles all over the place due to a dumb "conversational" format used by the publisher, but when it finally gets to the point

A key contrarian theme in this book is that you do not have to work out to the point of exhaustion in order to receive benefits from training—and this may indeed be counterproductive. Thus, the authors set the goal of creating measurable performance gains without unnecessary pain.

The "40-Workout Miracle Program" is appropriate for an intermediate-level lifter who has probably been following a train-until-you-drop philosophy and really just needs to change up their program to continue making gains. It is also appropriate for someone in a time crunch or who requires heavy physical labor in another area of their life and who should not therefore exhaust themselves in the gym.

Core Principles[edit]

1) Lift heavy 2) Keep your reps and sets low 3) Stop your sets and your workout before you get fatigued.

"The 40-Workout Miracle Program"[edit]

  • For the next 40 workouts, do the exact same training program every time.
  • Pick five exercises.
    • Focus on these five movements
      • Large posterior chain movement (deadlift)
      • Upper-body push (bench press, incline press, military press)
      • Upper-body pull (pull-ups, rows, bicep curls)
      • Simple full-body explosive move (kettlebell swings or snatches)
      • Anterior chain move/abdominal exercise (ab wheel)
  • Do 2 x 5 for the deadlift and pushes/pulls and 1 set of 20-50 for the explosive move. Do a solid single set of 5 for the abs.
  • Never plan or worry about the load. Always stay within yourself and go heavy "naturally."
  • Strive for perfect technique.
  • Train about 5 times per week.


The difference between exercising and training is having a point.

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