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A drugcel is someone who's incel is exacerbated, perpetuated, or partially caused by a drug dependence they have. This can include prescription medications. Chronic drug use can cause decreased libido,[1] dysautonomia, uncomfortably hyper-active nervous systems, erectile dysfunction, deadbedroom due to spousal disapproval, and even terminal illness.

Inceldom and drug use cycle[edit]

Some incel people start taking drugs to solve incel or unemployment, either by force or of their own volition. While this may be temporarily successful, drugs lose their potency, and often have side effects which can become severe enough to create or perpetuate incel.

Psychiatric treatment as proxy treatment for neuroses that are mainly a consequence of the patient's sexual development[edit]

When drugs are forced on incel people, this often occurs while the incel is a teenager or young adult. Failing to meet requirements for school and/or social expectations for pairbonding will often result in a diagnosis of ADHD and/or Social Anxiety Disorder respectively, along with associated psychotropic drug administration. Academics such as Bonnie Burstow have argued that nearly all psychiatric drugging of children constitutes child abuse.[2]

Proxy for sexual fears[edit]

In the DSM-V, there is a total absense of any formal diagnoses for gynophobia, androphobia, genophobia, and the-like. However, almost no lay person disagrees that these are real fears which cause mental distress, and can arise independent of other more established medical diagnoses. As a consequence, treatment of mental states by medical professionals is often a proxy for management of sexuality or masculinity.

Proxy for body dysmorphia[edit]

Body dysmorphic disorder among men is often a taboo topic, and relaying thought of body dysmorphia can sometimes result in termination of "therapeutic treatment" through endless referral, or misdiagnosis (for example an attempt to conflate the diagnosis with Generalized anxiety disorder etc).

Due to the taboos of sexually inexperienced people, and male body dysmophia, the doctors often fails to deal with any initial complaints of the patient. A doctor's prescriptions and treatment may be so far removed from the original complaints, that the treatment actively conflicts with common sense. For example, if a patient complains of fear of the opposite gender and body dysmorphia causing sexual frustration, and is then prescribed an antisexual drug such as an SRI drug. The antisexual nature of the drug (eg (PSSD, sedation or uncomfortable hyperactivation, anorgasmia, horrific withdrawal etc) often furthers the incel patients sexual frustrations.

Psychiatric and non-psychiatric drugs as self-harm[edit]

Other incel people have used psychiatry or non-psychiatric drug use a tool of self-harm after not being able to find dates. The rationale is often "well I'll just create larger problems for myself to drown out my current problems".

The self-described 'nearcel' who used incel forums: Nathan Larson notably petitioned his local mental hospital to put him to death (presumably via drug administration).


The Indian Journal of mental health detailed two women who became incel due to drugs. While using the terms "involuntary celibacy" and "forced sexual abstinence" verbatim, the article authors noted the women had differing life circumstances. One was a drugcel was forced into incel by the husband who could not tolerate her drug use.[3]


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