Douglas Laine

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Douglas Laine is the owner and editor-in-chief of Zero Books, a book publisher that released one of the first books taking 4chan and incels seriously outside of a fictional context (Kill All Normies by Angela Nagle).


Doug has a vlog for the publishing business he runs, which features his own personal political commentary, as well as interviews with various left-wing politicos. Doug's vlogs are artsy and the video portion consist of news clips, nerdy imagery, and old movies stapled together haphazardly in GIF-like durations.

In one of his vlogs, he implied incels were tradcons obsessed with marriage and monogamy and seemed to want to pigeonhole incels into a socially conservative place.

His vlogs on the blackpill use the blackpill to mean negativity and nihilism.


Douglas is a self-described anti-work Marxist.

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