Diana Fleischman and Geoffrey Miller

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Diana Fleischman and Geoffrey Miller are a power couple who work as scientists in the evolutionary psychology field. They are notable for taking the topic of inceldom seriously as a life circumstance rather than a subculture, and promoting polyamory as a solution to the incel problem.

Opinion on incels[edit]

During a talk with Subverse News Archive, Diana and Geoffrey expressed their opinion that there has always existed a large amount of incels, including prior to the sexual revolution. However, both expressed the opinion that high inceldom-rates are destabilizing to society, and sometimes results in societal concessions to incels, in a "classical optimal skew" fashion. They also noted that sometimes governments just kill off their incels through war instead of offering concessions.[1]

Their solutions to incels[edit]

Both Diana and Geoffrey believe that polyandry is unstable, and that incelizing polygyny is the most historically common form of polygamy. Nonetheless, both promote some form of non-married polyamory as the solution to inceldom, particularly one that involves some sort of societal contract around, "ethical polyamory".[2]

Other solutions they proposed included decriminalizing prostitution, sex dolls, and/or VR sex.

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