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Definition from Vandale dictionary[1]

This is a list of definitions of, "incel", divided by how separate websites and wikis define the term.

There are three major definitional camps:

  1. Incel realist: Those who believe involuntary celibacy is real
  2. Incel denialist: Those who believe involuntary celibacy isn't real
  3. Incel alarmist: Those who are indifferent on whether involuntary celibacy is real, but see 'incel' as something negative and separate from involuntary celibacy.

Incel realist[edit]

Original definition[edit]

Alana's Involuntary Celibacy Project's, "incel", definition was incel realist. They stated the definition was so broad, they didn't bother to try to shorten it, and rejected any notions of there being an 'official' definition. It was the first definition to use the, "incel", acronym ever.

  • Someone who has never dated, or not dated in a long time, but would like to, is involuntarily celibate
  • The state of never being in a relationship
  • Long periods of not dating anyone
  • Those who, for one reason or another, have difficulty meeting someone for a sexual relationship
  • No or very little experience with sex and dating
  • Someone with experience of dating and sex, but not for many years
  • Those who are in a relationship, but for one reason or another their partner desires sex very infrequently or not at all
  • The state of being sexually inactive while wishing to be otherwise
  • Inabilty to form relationships
  • Married, but the "spark" is gone: little or no sex, little or no love.
  • Those who have the intense difficulty dating, searching for a mate
  • Those who just want to get laid, and can't for some reason
  • Your Geek Code contains r--, r---, !r, r*, z, z--, !z, or !z+
  • Not being able to express oneself sexually due to circumstances that are difficult to control (this would include
  • Those who are socially phobic, shy, disfigured, homosexual, sexually disfunctional, marcels, the handicapped, prisoners, mentally ill, pedophiles or whatever else...the list is infinite)[2][edit]

Our definition is incel realist and short. It includes notions of being 'incel against choice' and not just will. This definition is broad like Alana's and includes most male celibates today, and some female celibates.

The life circumstance of being sexless against personal choice or conscious will.[3]

Collegium Wikia[edit]

Collegium Wikia's definition is incel realist. It is limited to mentalcels and includes an addition about sexual orientation.

People who have psychological dysmorphia, [and] so they can't bond to the people their sexual orientation is towards

Incels dot wiki[edit]

Stragglers still at our previous domain drop the 'choice' aspect, and focus mainly on 'celibate against will. This definition pretty much only includes a very small minority of horribly disabled or disfigured people. It's worth noting that the incel forum the owners of the domain admin are not predominantly horribly disabled or disfigured, but rather mostly have high-functioning autism. And many of said people never leave their house, more or less ever ask anyone out outside dating apps.

The literal circumstance of being celibate against one's will[4]

Creepypastas with no limit Wiki[edit]

The definition on this wiki is more or less the same as this wikis and is very incel realist and also the way most people use the term.

Being unable to get sex or a romantic partner. An incel is a person who is in this situation.[5]

Smurfs wiki[edit]

The Smurfs wiki definition of 'incel' is incel realist and doesn't gaslight incels. Unlike this wiki, it restricts incels to just men.

A lack of attracting any potential female partners for romance and possibly even marriage[6]

Incel denialist[edit]

English Wikipedia[edit]

Wikipedia's 2021 definition is incel denialist. In other words, they do not believe that involuntary celibacy is real anymore (but did for most of the 2010s). Around 2018, they redefined 'incel' on their website to mean a subculture rather than a life circumstance. The implication being that those who defined themselves incel are signing up for an ideology rather than experiencing something real. This definition is gaslighting.

An online subculture of people who define themselves as unable to get a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one[7]


Mylittletrollpedia is a mostly funny wiki about trolls. It has an incel denialist definition of incel that is highly negative, gaslighting, and restricted to malecels. Unlike other definitions, it seems restricted to shycels, given the use of the words, "unable to understand why they cannot seek [women]".

A person who consider themselves unable to attract a romantic or sexual partner, they are usually misogynistic and hostile towards women and men who are sexually active. They are usually narcissistic, delusional, entitled, and unable to understand why they cannot seek a relationship with a woman.[8]

Newt Gingrich A Thot/Chadsnem Wiki[edit]

This wiki's definition is incel denialist, and focuses on incels from the perspective of a 4chan or Tumblr user.

An incel is the polar opposite of a Chad, however an equally toxic frame of mind.[9]

Incel alarmist[edit]

Scary godmother wiki[edit]

Scary godmother wiki's definition of incel is incel alarmist and only confined to negative, hateful virgins.

Hostile virgins who promote hatred of modern society, normies, and all together good vibes[10]


Virgin vs chad wiki[edit]

This definition is more incel realist than Wikipedia, in that it acknowledges those who self-label are sexually inexperienced. However, they use the term as a way to criticize those who don't blame their faults on themselves. Thus, this definition is mostly incel alarmist.

A virgin who starts to blame his virginity on women, as opposed to their lack of desirability[11]

Stereotypes of Cliques/Subcultures Wiki[edit]

This wiki is not incel denialist, and regards involuntary celibacy as real. Their definition is alarmist though through incorporating a highly negative evaluation of incels in their lede.

A virgin who can't get laid by women, stemming from being extremely lonely, being socially awkward, being very insecure, and being very vile[12]


Be like bro Wiki[edit]

Be like bro Wiki's definition of incel is a satire of incel alarmism.

According to the 3D American government, [incel is a] terrorist organization active across the Universe, in much of the Third Dimension and the Cyber, including Cybernetic America and Cybernetic India. Its members are called the incels[13]

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