Death grip syndrome

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Death grip syndrome, abbreviated as DGS, refers to an inability to reach orgasm with a partner due to desensitized genitals from squeezing too hard during masturbation.


Men with DGS almost always have the following two traits:

  1. Their sex life is almost exclusively one of solosexuality
  2. They're circumcised.


Although solosexuality has existed in the past, over the past few decades it seems to have exploded in terms of demographics. The primary form of solosexual activity is masturbation, although there are also other forms of solosexuality such as the usage of sexbots. Although masturbation in and of itself shouldn't cause death grip syndrome, there are many reasons why masturbation in the modern context may cause DGS.

From circumcision to hulseyism[edit]

Although circumcision is enacted for many purposes, one of the main reasons it is conducted is an effort to make the man last longer. In the modern era as well as the past, circumcision is usually conducted during childhood and as such there isn't necessarily a direct justification behind the practise. Rather is typically conducted in a routine maner as part of a religious or cultural tradition. Nonetheless, behind the scenes, there are organized efforts to maintain the practise which focus on the longevity of erections. Although many parents don't necessarily envision this, supposedly, their son will be enabled to last longer, and therefore be more likely to pleasure his part-time, monogamous escort during intercourse. But what these proponents forget, is the following question: What is the effects of circumcision are overdone? What if the effects of numbing to delay ejaculation are so great that the man is saturated with a condition akin to hulseyism? Then all of a sudden the supposed benefits of delayed ejaculation becomes a net negative. His part-time, monogamous escort becomes upset that she can't make him cum.

The next section will discuss how circumcision combined with mastrbation may incline a male towards death grip syndrome.


We have already discussed how circumcision is a factor behind death grip syndrome. However, masturbation has several facets or components that may increase or decrease the risk of death grip syndrome. One of these components includes societies attitude towards masturbation. If a guy decides to forego the route of fapstinence and insists on masturbating, there are a few favorable measures he can take to decrease the DGS risk. These include limiting one's masturbation, or at least doing it in moderation; using a method that aids with a looser grip possibly with lubrication; finally, using a device that resembles a vagina, such as a fleshlight.

Unfortunately, most of these points are not encouraged in society. For example, instead of fapstinent advice such as limitation or moderation, the dominant trope in the western world is "go ahead and do it". Furthermore, lubrication may only be available at pharmaceutical chains, whilst fleshlights are even more restricted typically only being sold at erotic stores, and both of those might restrict it to only over-18s, or over-21s. Many major social media giants in the western world also demonize fapstinent content creators as "sexists" or as "toxic masculinity out of the manosphere". The western world increasingly views the notion of older men giving mentorship to their younger male counterparts as being unnecessarily gender exclusive. As such, online platforms whereby older men give mentorship to their younger male counterparts are increasingly being shut down.

All these deplatforming strategies which target acts of mentorship by older males to younger males aimed at showcasing uncomfortable realities which are too taboo to be discussed openly are all the more astonishing considering the fact that an increasing number of males are growing up without a father figure. Boys grow in single parent homes, wherein their only role model is the female parent. Feminism has become successful in its aims to convince society that the differences between males and females are minute and superficial. Its convinced society that the mother can play the role of father, and that no negative side-effects occur from this parental cross-gender roleplay. See the Momad syndrome article for how this notion has been debunked.


However other forms of solosexuality exist too, such as sologamy. Sologamy refers to self-marriage.

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