David Futrelle

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David Futrelle
Name: Futrelle, David
Birth: Unknown
Job: Blogger/Writer
Ethnicity: White

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David Futrelle is the creator and author of the incelphobic, anti-male, somewhat charming blog named, "We Hunted the Mammoth".

He writes primarily about online men's movements, which he almost always labels as, "misogynist", and almost always criticizes them, even if they use hyperbolic misogyny, or are, "punching up". He appears to have written early pseudo-men's rights activism, before becoming a ferociously anti-MRA feminist.

Vox Day would probably call him a Gamma, but we would defend him from such accusations.


David started out as a tech and investing reporter for, "Newsday", and the now defunct, "Upside Magazine".[1]

Early MRA sympathy[edit]

In 1996, David wrote for, "InTheseTimes", (an American progressive publication) wherein he criticized a feminist for not mentioning male victims of abuse.[2]

[Domestic abuse] is too complex, and it's causes and effects too varied, to fall easily into such simple categories. And although lamb insists she doesn't intend to slight male victims of abuse, there's little room for them in her gendered world.
—David Futrelle[3]

Feminist conversion[edit]

Sometime in the 2000s, David converted to full-throated feminist support,[4] seemingly defending anything a woman does. He did so with his first feminist blog, "Manboobz", which was later named, "We hunted the Mammoth".


David vs the incels[edit]

Not long after Master or Sergeantincel made fun of David Futrelle's blog quality on Twitter, David gave his entire site a pink background.

David also at some point reviewed the satirical incel Party website.[5]

He regularly reviews posts about the more extreme incel forums, such as incels.co.[6]

David vs the anti-feminist females[edit]

David at some point started a blog that was reaction against, the "Women against feminism", ad campaign that Natty Kadifa, among others were involved in. In the campaign, the anti-feminist females held up signs saying they were against feminism. David called his satirical take on their campaign, "Confused Cats Against Feminism".


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