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The darknet (or darkweb) refers to all websites that are only accessible via non-standard software or web browsers. Many, but not all forums on the darknet are there to avoid legal scrutiny. Some darknet browsers are built for anonymity, but no darknet portal or combination of portals offers perfect anonymity.

Contrary to media narrative, no incel forums were "pushed to the darknet". All incel forums are on the clearnet and the vast majority of incel forums do not even have a way to access the forum via the darknet.

Popular darknet software[edit]

  • Tor ("anonymous" internet protocol)
  • Tor browser (browser specialized for Tor and "anonymity")
  • i2p ("anonymous" internet protocol)
  • ZeroNet ("censorship-resistant" generic websites using bitcoin addresses and bittorent)
  • Diaspora (decentralized Facebook clone)

Former darknet sites[edit]

  • Silkroad (drug site, closed, raided by Feds)

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