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Darkcel is a self-descriptor used by a few involuntary celibates who abide by a self-stylized, vague, pessimistic, male-separatist philosophy. Darkceldom is usually similar to, "taking the whitepill", or MGTOW, except with less focus on self-improvement and more negativity. They are often much more male-separatist than blackpillers.

The term was primarily used in late 2020 by a man who calls himself Darkcel and who runs the The Darkcel Podcast.

Conversion process[edit]

Darkcel describes the process of becoming a darkcel as being "unplugged" from women and no longer chasing them.

Darkcel describes that:

for an incel to ascend into being a blackcel (sic) darkcel [alcoholic brainfart from Darkcel], one must give up platitudes about the world, and give up Disney inspired ideas of a romantic happy ending in life. It seems basically the same as the whitepill.
—Darkcel from the Darkcel podcast

Darkcel pages[edit]

Darkcel Gaming Facebook Page and murder of Bianca Devins[edit]

There was a darkcel page called, "darkcel gaming", administrated by a man named Brandon Andrew Clark, with around 7,000 followers. At some point, Brandon wrote

This may be my final post, they're coming for me and I have done something very very terrible...I am sorry.
—Brandon Andrew Clark

His Instagram account detailed him allegedly traveling to the house of a 17 year old female named, "Bianca Devins", (known on Instagram as @yesjuliet), and allegedly slitting her throat. The drama was picked up by multiple digital news outlets. Wikipedia put a tribute page to Biana article up describing the obscure murder. The article mentions that users on incels.co and 8chan allegedly celebrated the murder.

Brandon pled guilty to the murder in February 2019[1] was sentenced to at least 25 years in prison during March 2021.[2]

The murder and the Facebook page has no proven relation to, "Darkcel", or his, "Darkcel podcast". The Feed notes that Darkcel Gaming however also used a similar voicechanger.[3] A user on incels.co named, "deepSea", claims that Brandon from Darkcel gaming was inspired by the Darkcel podcast.[4] There seems to be no evidence of a formal connection between Darkcel and his podacast and the murder however.

Darkcel from the Darkcel podcast claims he had no awareness of the Darkcel Gaming Page etc, until it all hit the news.[5]


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