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"Fiona", a former DC9 member and her mugshot

The DC9 Facebook Group, usually referred to as, DC9, was a semi-notorious, anti-PC, left-wing, anti-leftbook group. The group name changed very frequently, but usually retained the phrase, "DC9". Not long after it formed it got invaded by a separate group called, "Ancapistan". Eventually the original group fell apart and countless splinters formed.

Its first name was, "DC9 Leftbook Thunderdome".[1] It was perhaps the largest collection of lumpenproletariat on Facebook.

Facebook's Incelistan, the only pro-incel Facebook group from 2017 to 2020, formed from DC9. Incelistan contained a large number of original DC9 members. "Alcoholics doing Standup 2.0", was the last known existing iteration of the original DC9 group on Facebook.


A redditor named sarumonalexander claims to have created it.[2]

Basically there was a debate group called, "leftbook thunderdome", "which sucked", and so, "DC2", residents and leftbook people created DC9.


Members were mostly edgelords and trolls. Usually leftists and ancaps. The group's most popular members were an eccentric recurring cast of male bodybuilders, attention-whore females collecting orbiters, trannies, NYC hipsters, drug addicts, "sex workers", and a lot of incels.

Notable former members[edit]

  • Milo Yiannopoulos, the, "alt-right", "troll"
  • Some programmer girl with a fivehead from Ancapistan who men orbited.
  • Leonardo, a Brazilian Catholic incel who had an imaginary Asian handicapped girlfriend, named "Livia", and now vlogs under the name, "Scumganger".[3] He was also a frequent poster of Facebook's Incelistan.
  • An ancap transwoman alleged to be an ephebophile (by people who disliked her) who enjoyed trolling. She was run out of most leftbook groups.
  • An Indian, male bodybuilder who's flagrant displays of his bicep muscles breaks the NAP.
  • Matt, who was featured in a BBC documentary in a section about yourenotalone.co and Facebook's Incelistan.[4]
  • Alexandria, a nice person, public-figure, and anti-fascist activist who at some point dated the fascist politician named Augustus Invictus. Augustus, who was not a member, made news for drinking goat's blood around the time of his quirky Libertarian Party run.[5] She was also the only person to seriously flirt with incels in the group, and so she gets this long description.

Fiona incident[edit]

Fiona McCrossin, an SJW member of DC9 made the news after being arrested for firing shots at a car behind her during a roadrage. This was not long after she bought a pastel green gun to impress her, "right-wing", friends that she normally disagreed with.[6][7][8][9][10]



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