Cupid (1998 TV series)

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Cupid was a 1998 TV series that featured a large number of guest stars and bit players with relationship problems and at least implied incel status.

The show features a, "God of Love", i.e. Trevor Hale, hustling to help incels and other singles find true love, romance, happiness, etc.

Look, these are simple problems. You women have a speech impediment: you can't seem to say the word 'Yes'. (Laughter from the men) And the men! You all think you can handle yourselves in bed and then wonder why you spend most nights doing exactly that.

—- Cupid's Trevor Hale, to a dating support group

Late virgin professor[edit]

One episode involved a thirty-something professor at university who was a virgin and incredibly shy around women. Somewhere during the show we discover that despite his eloquence, he had a blue collar background and an extremely thick "Bawston" accent such that nobody took him seriously when he entered academics, making him very self conscious. The dialogue between the two main characters by itself is worth watching. Occasionally smarmy, occasionally a little too blunt, there are oftentimes when I can't help wishing there was a'

In one episode, the professor stands up in the middle of a class on dancing and says, more or less, "I am a thirty-five year old virgin." This shuts most of the group up as I imagine that it would in real life too. I loved this show even though the waitress was gorgeous and, as others on this list have suggested, everything ended up like a fairy tale. I simply have never seen a show in which virginity in older males was ever dealt with at all.'

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