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A creep or creeper is a person who exhibits behavior that is considered repulsive to others, which is of course, somewhat contextual to culture and who is being repulsed. In the context of dating, sex, and relationships, a man is considered creepy if he exhibits various discomfiting behaviors in the eye of the beholder, which can lead to rejection. Since the term can describe a wide range of potential behaviors and people, its usage is controversial, especially when applied on a sweeping basis.

Various definitions

  • Someone who does not respect a woman’s boundaries (definition used by white knights and feminists)
    • Cold approaching a woman or
    • Interrupting a woman when she’s busy reading a book or playing with her smartphone.
  • Just being ugly.

Intentionally ambiguous

The term “creepy” is intentionally ambiguous. Women know that if they were being completely honest and said, “short guys or any man under 6 foot should eat dust”, that they would be viewed unfavorably, shallow, and abelist. They know the same thing would happen if they admit racism or that they dislike men who have mental conditions like autism. Therefore, in order to blameshift, or to covertly act like a chameleon and having a constantly moving goal-post with regards to their moral compass, an ambiguous term such as “creepy” is a welcome adjective in the chameleon’s vocabulary. Such justifications can be exploited by law enforcement, and be used to excuse police brutality by putting the blame on the male, such as in FRAs.

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