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Countere is an online cultural magazine that has, among other topics, published alternative takes on incels and NEETs. The magazine is currently edited by John Flowers and is published by a mysterious benefactor only known publicly as 'RC'.

Countere sees legacy, 'alternative news' outlets as having sold out to political correctness.[1] And you are likely to find articles on Countere similar to those you would have found on Vice back when it first started.

Countere and incels[edit]

Countere Magazine's coverage of incels and NEETs has been laudable. They don't imply all such people are domestic terrorists or insane people.

One of the founders of the magazine, Zachary Schwartz, was one of the few journalists who had written a sympathetic piece about incels in the past in Playboy. Similarly, in Countere, they've touched on incelospherian topics such as Notable NEETs. They have also interviewed Mike Crumplar and reviewed the film TFW NO GF,[2] and were quoted in TFW NO GF's trailer.[3]

Their most relevant article to the incelosphere (as of 2022) is called The NEET Revolution: Why NEETs Will Change the World, which argues that NEETs are not in fact societal garbage, and are instead future entrepreneurs, among other things.

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