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Coolness is your ability to be calm, high status, interesting, fashionably current, and/or mildly dangerous.

Why is drinking "cool"[edit]

  • Alcohol is a status symbol for underage kids.
  • Possessing alcohol shows that you’re cool.
  • It shows that you have the “social connections” to get alcohol.
  • It shows that your peers respect you enough not to rat you out for drinking alcohol.
  • Under 21, only the “cool kids” have access to alcohol. Alcohol is a status symbol for high school and college students.

Why living with your parents may be a turn off[edit]

  • Living with your parents shows that your parents have control over you. Your status would be lowered if other people have control over you.
  • Living by yourself shows that no one else has control over you, raising your status.
  • Having strict parents lowers your status because it shows how much you are controlled by others.
  • Asians are being stereotyped to have strict parents. This stereotype is negative because it lowers their perceived status.

Why is sex "cool"?[edit]

Making sex a taboo among teenagers only makes sex appear "cooler." Teenagers want to have sex to appear "cool." Its effects are similar to making alcohol a taboo for teenagers. In contrast, if parents do not make sex or alcohol to be taboos, they would lose their association with "coolness."

What makes clothing "cool"?[edit]

Whatever is expensive and brand-name is a safe bet.

But that's not all[edit]

There are many ways to acquire status. If you’re poor, you could still acquire high status. For example, college athletes have high status even if they're broke. Popular guys have high status even when they live with their parents.

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