Collection of Poems by 'TheIncelBard'

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The following is a collection of poems and user TheIncelBard:

The normie meme of 'Sex isn't a big deal[edit]

Even a modest cell is hardwired for survival and replication,

From the smallest germ acquired to the human population,

The truth is every biological organism willfully desires to live and to pair bond,

Yet pathological normie-ism dismally inquires why we feel like hellspawn.

To them being as immoral as possible is being as moral as possible.[edit]

Eve ate the fruit, and created the burden of sin,

Humanity went off route, the fire snuffed out like Gwyn,

And every single brute, was gifted their Penutian Harley Quinn,

There is no dispute, celibacy is absolution therein.

You are worth being happy but the world thinks otherwise.[edit]

They say what matters is inside, yet only judge by seeing,

They treat us like Mr. Hyde, but the lonely truth is freeing,

And as much as they deride, they know their grudge is fleeing,

We're not monsters, we're exiled human beings.

If you truly have subhuman looks, never trust people.[edit]

Normies hide their fangs under the guise of trust,

While they feel the pangs of Stacy's herpes crust,

And if any of our virtues are an absolute must,

Let it be our blackpills, turning lies into sawdust.

Y'all are fucking pathetic lmao.[edit]

Y'all are fucking pathetic" says the normie heretic,

Who made an account solely to pester the celibate,

And if there's one aspect that's an undeniable definite,

It's your diagnosis with downs, reliable and eloquent.

The NoFap meme needs to die.[edit]

'Out of all of the sins, the cardinal is masturbation,'

'Don't let your penile win, armor your frustration,'

Yet the normies and their kin, know their facts are not causation,

It makes their head spin, their tact saltier than a crustacean."

Why you should hate females.[edit]

Women are sociopaths, cruel and malicious,

'A loyal girlfriend' is a concept fictitious,

And the fact that remains is especially vicious,

In destroying society, they're deathly ambitious."

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