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Cockblocking is the purposeful hampering of a man who's trying to seduce a woman. It is done through various (hateful and pitiful) tactics and (negative) behaviors, all aimed at destroying the kino that the man is trying to build with his "chosen" woman. For example, trying to pull the pretty woman away, sitting at a bar table where man and woman are socializing, badmouthing the man within earshot of the woman, etc.

Types of cockblocking[edit]


Cockblocking is usually carried out by desperate and sexless, jealous people (SJW types, among others), who, being themselves unhappy, want to destroy other people's future happiness and sexual well-being. Sadly, cockblocking is part of the female psyche, even though not all women are prone to cockblocking... It also has to be noted that some men can and will cockblock other men, thus becoming absolute pariahs in any normal society.


Note that there is another kind of cockblocking, when a group of young women go out and "collectively" don't want any girl from the group to be "picked-up" by a man, and separated from the herd. Then, most of the group's women will cockblock for (or against) each other, especially cockblocking access to the cutest woman of the group

Clumsy or unintentional[edit]

Let's add that there is another kind of cockblocking, the rather involuntary (or unconscious) "clumsy" cockblocking. When a (bad) wing cockblocks you by sheer clumsiness or bad attitude or unconscious jealousy. One famous occurrence of such, is the Roosh-GreekKamaki incident, when Greek-Kamaki cockblocked Roosh by suddenly offering to give money or "gifts" to some women in the nightclub.

Vicious and precalculated[edit]

Some cockblockers will wait for you to open a group, before swooping in, trying to work their "game" on your initial "targets". Invariably, they will sour the interaction within seconds. Roosh's advice was:

Giving people the benefit of the doubt in cases like this basically guarantees that the "accidental" cockblock will happen. When you assume everyone is trying to cockblock your shit, you take the right countermeasures and decrease its occurrence

By white knights[edit]

Heartiste notes, "white knights' quickness to jump to a faire maiden’s rescue when another man is hitting on her can ruin her chances at finding love."[1] A chief columnist for a former publication by RooshV, named Tuthmosis Sonofra, remarked:[2]

The white knight will often intervene in a potentially romantic situation if he deems a girl shouldn’t be interested in a man for whom she’s displayed interest. That could mean when he’s not in the room. “That dude is a player.” Or, it could also happen with him in the room—with a well-placed interruption, an attempt to insult the man in front of the girl, or by physically pulling the girl away from him. He sees the other man as unworthy for this girl—maybe even branding labeling him as “creepy” to her—and will unilaterally make that decision for her. She’s “too drunk” (even though she’s sober), she’s “going through a hard time right now” (even though she’s obviously looking), she’s “doesn’t like guys like you” (even though she does). He’ll stop at nothing.

By children[edit]

Children tend to be cockblockers extraordinaire, intentionally or not.



A wingman can be used as a decoy, meaning you'd send him to take care of the ugly cockblocking chick, to concentrate on your own "target", preferred woman: while the fat ugly female cockblocker is entertained by your wing, you have free time and mind to seduce her beautiful lady friend... Some twist in this strategy, though: It has been speculated that some scheming fat chicks ostensibly cockblock their cuter friends to get the main guy's wingman to sleep with them (or at least talk to them).




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