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"Cicisbeo", by Licata Antonino

A cicisbeo is a non-married man who hangs around another man's wife on a regular basis. In 18th century Italy, it was considered a noble sexual display. As opposed to being a, "bull", the flirtation is assumed to have tacit approval of the husband. The cicisbeo is often bisexual.

"Incel cicisbeos" are relatively common in monogamous societies that have prudish, mate guarding values. If the wife accepts the cicisbeo's request for sexual intercourse, the cicisbeo becomes a, "noncel".


An incel may become a cicisbeo because his personality or taste is so unusual that the only women he is compatible with are already taken.

Analyzing Male Slavery claims that being a cicisbeo requires sexual desperation. He further claims that such sexual desperation is a side-effect of most women not liking men that much.

Acceptance or rejection[edit]

A cicisbeo may be rejected by a wife due to the husband revealing that he was actually just an embarrassed cuck the entire time, and relieving his humility by forcing the cicisbeo away from his wife.

Portrayal of cicisbeos[edit]


Cicisbeos were portrayed in a positive fashion in 18th century Italy, where the term was coined. But only if the man wasn't too straight.


A cicisbeo does not meet most historical depictions of a cuckoldry. This is because a cuck is a married man losing his wife's infidelity, and usually without his knowledge.

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