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Cicisbeism is a relationship style defined by one woman and multiple men, simultaneously, outside or half-outside marriage, and in a non-secretive fashion.[1][2] Polyandry refers to a similar style of mating, but is instead always in the context of a marriage.

Cicisbeism encompasses swinging and girlfriend/boyfriend relationships. It doesn't usually refer to cuckoldry.

Cicisbeism vs cuckoldry[edit]

Cuckoldry is sometimes referred to as a secretive form of cicisbeism, however, academically, cicisbeism usually refers to non-secretive relationships.[3] Therefore, cicisbeism involving some partners in a marriage is usually often referred to as, "swinging", if short term. Long-term cicisbeism involving a few partners in marriage, or cisisbeism entirely outside marriage doesn't really have its own name.

Despite how the term is used in academia, the word, "cicisbeism", had a stricter definition in 18th century Italy, as it had its origins in the word, "cicisbeo". During that time, a cicisbeo only referred to a non-married, upscale male swinger.

The prominent MGTOW, "LFA", has falsely stated that cicisbeism is the most practiced relationship style today.

Historical examples of cicisbeism[edit]

  • The Northern Nigerians have been known to practice cicisbeism widely, as well as polyandry.
  • Prostitution is a form of paid cicisbeism


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