Cheat codes for malecels to ascend

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The following is a list of cheat codes for malecels to ascend.

These methods are ways to get around the time required to raise tens of thousands of dollars malecels often need to get an independent dwelling that a member of the pussy cartel would accept as a bribe for sex.

Listed from easiest to hardest:

Easy difficulty[edit]

Kyle complaining about dating in a very measured and friendly way

Whining in public about being an incel on Youtube or on dating apps, in a non-autistic fashion[edit]

Main article: Wounded puppy game

This method is also known as "broken bird game" or "wounded puppy game". It may attract a few local sluts, and the occasional female pairbonder with a rape fetish. Broken bird game (not rape) was notably method of ascension by Kyle Incel, Eggman, and Samuel Maxwell, among others. Importantly, one must not show anger during this, as this violates the 'non-autistic' rule.

Dating a trans man pre-transition[edit]

Typing "free use" into Reddit exhibitionist or kink subs can help one find women who are public utilities

These people often advertize themselves as public sexual utilities for men and women, due to their extreme unfulfilled horniness. Examples include various posters on r/ftmspunished offering their vaginas to whoever in their local area would like to add to an already existing creampie in their vagina while they are in a suppine position. Dating an FTM was notably a method of asension by Nathan Larson, (in particular, his first partner and wife 'Finn') assuming his partner wasn't on testosterone (which Finn was, but early in the transition).

Dating a turboslut[edit]

Main article: Incelophile

These are much more rare than you may think. They can be found in small kink, BDSM, or cult circles. However they 100% absolutely do exist, including ones horny for incels.

Pretending you only have months to live and need to experience women before you die[edit]

Main article: Wounded puppy game

Lying about yourself[edit]

Main article: Catfishing

Fictional backstory[edit]

With this method, you create an entirely fictional story about your identity, fame, career, hobbies, income etc.

Some women only care about status and money. In which case you can lie your way into bed. Creating entirely fake stories about your career and income can indeed land you a free lay or a free relationship. It also is usually not illegal. Some illegal methods (not recommended) include:

  • Pretending to be a doctor in a hospital in order to get a woman to be sexual with you.[1]
  • Lying that you had a vasectomy and subsequently getting the woman pregnant[2]

Pretending to be a celebrity for easy sex can be legal or illegal depending on your jurisdiction (particularly if you pretend to be an existing close one to the desired woman). But if you live in a place where it's legal, you won't have much trouble with this method if you look a bit like a celebrity. None of the catfishing methods are recommended in the Australian state of New South Wales however, as they have been proposing making even lying about your the size of your checkbook illegal if it means you got some sexual intimacy as a result.[3]

Mail order brides, except lying about your income[edit]

Main article: Mail-order brides

This is not recommended by many incels due to the questionable ethics involved. However, this is a fairly foolproof way to get a live-at-home girlfriend for a while. It likely won't last long. The easiest women for whites live in the Philippines. Eastern European or Russian women are much more effective gold-diggers than South East Asian women and will figure out your scam before you get very far. Also notably a method of ascension by Nathan Larson (in particular, his second wife).

Medium difficulty[edit]

Going to South East Asia as a white man with more than $3000[edit]

Main article: SEAmaxx

This unfortunately requires $3000, however this can be done with a credit card.

James FT got so much free, legal pussy in Cambodia, the entire country tried to ban him

Paying a hooker[edit]

Main article: Pussy cartel

This requires $600 in cash, harder than SEA because this generally cannot be done on credit. However, brothels are basically free as they accept credit, and one could also just not pay back the credit card company. (in theory, we are not advocating this)

Medium-high difficulty[edit]

Starting a cult[edit]

An infamous 1970s cult

This requires some time and social skills. Most of these are organized on various social media sites. It's important not to hog all the women, sex-traffic people, rape anyone, force anyone into anything, include people under 18, blackmail people, or anything else illegal.



The first step of heterosexual gaymaxxing often involves Discord. The psychological pressures of dating someone you know wouldn't be attracted to in real life can be overwhelming at times. It is because of this that said heterosexuals attempting gaymaxxing eventually develop dysthymia.

Another downside to "going gay", is that society looks down on men who are in homosexual relationships, but not on women who are in lesbian relationships. This is because society assumes gay men have failed to sublimate their sexuality into pro-social activities like a regular job. These expectations do not exist as much for women. Men who fail to meet societal expectations, and take a gay route for their sexuality, are often considered societal rejects.


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