Causes of incel

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There are many causes of incel. these include:

  • Mental health issues: see mentalcel
  • Female hypergamy
  • premature birth[1]
  • Societal promotion of mixoscopia, also known as pictophilia, scoptolagnia or scopophilia (arousal from viewing sex) rather than copulation (actual sex)
  • Female scelerophilia and hybristophilia
  • Societal acceptance of ableism
  • Apathy to male problems caused by a mixture of androphobia and gynocentrism
  • Sexual racism (see ethnicel)
  • Widespread prudishness and a feminization of the concept of sex-positivity
  • A lack of a comprehensive strategy towards maslowism
  • Society's incessant promotion of desexualization and degenderization
  • Helicopter parenting sometimes instills a sense of hedonophobia in youth, eventually culminating in an inhibition in people going for what they want

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