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"Article borrows from", means we used articles as inspiration or lifted parts from it if it was CC licensed. It is rare we copy an entire article without adding original material. We will usually have written more than half the text either before or after the borrow. Some of these categories like 'altmark' or 'yourenotalone' reference stuff we already wrote but had parts added from Altmark or Yourenotalone, and so we decided to credit them.

Articles with text or ideas borrowed from:

  1. Abtreff Wiki (4)
  2. Alex Podnebesny‎ (2)
  3. Altmark (145)
  4. Bibipi (49)
  5. Cuck Wiki (2)
  6. Gyaanipedia (1)
  7. Kingswiki (16)
  8. Love-shy Wiki (19)
  9. RationalWiki (9)
  10. WikiMANNia (6)
  11. Wikipedia (4)
  12. Yourenotalone (1)