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Castratemaxxing or emasculatemaxxing is the act of removing one's penis and/or testicles for the purpose of coping with one's inceldom. Of all the various subsidiary demographies of inceldom, the one segment which is most likely to resort to castratemaxxing are nymphocels.

A more mild form of castratemaxxing which avoids incisions involves chemical castration, whereby the anatomy remains largely intact, but drugs are assigned so that testosterone production is ceased. Once castratemaxxers have had the procedure done, they are surprised that even have the Prisonbae Sarah Seawright twerking in front of them wouldn't raise their temperature.

Arguably, the reason why the female equivalent to castratemaxxing, i.e. the oophorectomy, hasn't caught on among femcels is because studies suggest the sex deficit primarily effects men.


Steve Hoca notably considered castration and offered it as a possibly solution to inceldom in a 2019 video. The trajectory of castratemaxxers is similar to that of trannymaxxers in that both remove their genitalia. However the difference is that the latter seeks a gender reversal and makes a gender adjustment in order to become sexually active. The former, on the other hand, has all but given up on the notion of becoming sexually active and seeks to diminish or totally abolish their libido.


The female equivalent to castratemaxxing is oophorectomy. Oophorectomy is a surgical procedure which involves the removal of female ovaries.

It has a similar effect to castratemaxxing in that it reduces or completely obliterates the libido. Nonetheless, there have been no recorded cases of oophorectomies being performed with inceldom (or rather femceldom) as a factor. Instead, most cases of oophorectomy are either due to some medical issues, having nymphomania or some other issues related to hypersexuality, or due legal recommendations after being convicted of some form of sexual infraction with a child such as hebophilia, ephebophilia, korephilia, etc.

Real-life example[edit]

See the Nymphocel example 2 page for a real life example of this phenomenon.


Emasculatemaxxing is the more severe form of removal and is a combination of both castration and penectomy. Castratmaxxing involves merely removal of testicles. There have been several instances whereby men have engaged in the act of castratemaxxing as a direct byproduct of their inceldom. However most such incidents have not recorded it as such, as the notion of inceldom as a factor has remained largely misunderstood. As such, most instances of castratemaxxing is dismissed as an act of a madman or is assigned as an xenomeliac or xenomelian, someone with the disorder of xenomelia, which means that you feel compelled to remove one's limbs, a condition which is also referred to as body integrity dysphoria.

Individuals whom have engaged in castratemaxxing have also been assigned with the condition of somatoparaphrenia.


However, there are strong counter-arguments to the notion that individuals who engage in this act (castratemaxxers) are necessarily insane. In fact, it isn't uncommon for people to remove body parts which they consider to be superfluous. Take for instance the sheer amount of people who remove their tonsils each year. Having a tonsil for the most part doesn't interfere with one's day-to-day life. Other body-parts which are removed for being superfluous include the appendix

All these bodyparts which are removed for being superfluous are called "vestigial body parts".

In fact, removing one's own testicles seems overall to be a more apt form of reasoning that removing one's tonsils, as for the most part, as the former appears to have a more pressing imperative behind it; namely an unfulfilled libido. Even the normies (the average Joe) might have some first-hand experience feeling what the castratemaxxer goes through, as he presumably has at one point or another experienced the act of blueballs.

So, we have to ask ourselves, why does society differentiate between castratemaxxers, and those who have their tonsils removed? Why is one procedure far more difficult to obtain access to that the other?

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