Career suggestions for male incel people and NEETS

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This guide is made for male incel people and NEETs looking for career paths which have low barrier to entry, are bearable, and allow a successful career. We try to tailor the guide toward those who are tired of meme advice and magic bullets.

To Avoid[edit]

  • DO NOT start a business that involves online marketing, drop shipping, buying & selling & entrepreneurship
  • DO NOT trade stocks, cryptocurrency or use smart trading devices in order to get money.
  • DO NOT try to become an e-celebrity or make money off platforms like YouTube or Bitchute.
  • DO NOT try to make money solely from art or art related fields
  • DO NOT be a wagecuck for minimum wage.

The List[edit]

  • Onsite security & private security.

Requires you to get a gun license and a registered firearm, a driving license is highly recommended. Note: if you're a foreigner and not a citizen of your host country do not attempt this path.

  • Forklift operator

This requires you to have a forklift license. A forklift license might require you to have a regular B level license. Note: this job might have funny hours but its in high demand in most parts of the world.

  • Refrigeration Tech

This requires you to study refrigeration technology at one of your nearest trade schools. Note: Studying this might take up to a year, however schooling is cheap and you can prepare online.

  • (Liquid) Gas Tech

Requires you to learn this profession at trade school. Note: the course is 6 months and gives you a government issued permit to work in the field. Not recommended for people that suffer from back issues

  • Smart home Tech

This relates to installing cameras & smart systems on clients houses. It is possible (and recommended) to be certified in that field.

  • Computerized warehouse tech

This is sometimes bundled into a course which you can study multiple software and disciplines. It is best to also get certified in Oracle/SAP for the maximum pay.

  • linux server

Study LPIC-1 or CompTIA Linux+ (Note: requires you to have prior knowledge with computers)

  • nodeJS

Do the (JSNAD) certificate along with supplemental coding course for Javascript

  • Q&A programmer

this used to require a bachelors in computer science but since its mostly grunt work only a course is required.

  • IT & helpdesk

Microsoft MSCA & MSCE (defunct but still good if you can squeeze it from a local school). for the more savvy you might want to start with cisco ccna 200-301

  • Level 1 First Aid (ambulance)

Can apply at your local hospital for the course. Although it is best to look it up online.

  • AWS Devops

Requires you to be certified by amazon. A quick google search should yield results, and a Udemy course is also available

  • puppet devops

This is highly recommended. Complete the Puppet 207 exam to get certified.

  • Google Cloud Architect

Google also offers a certification in the field, as with all IT related certs it is best you buy a specialized course and not just study on YouTube.

  • Docker devops

Complete the DCA exam to apply, as with all IT related certs it is best you buy a specialized course and not just study on YouTube.

  • Azure devops

This requires you to pass several exams, but this learning path is highly recommended for better pay. it is recommended you start with azure fundamentals courses and exams. not for lazycels.

  • Office 365 devops

Like with all other paths, this requires you to pass 1-2 exams. with the "easy" nature of this work you should also study something like comptia A+ to supplement your knowledge

  • CompTIA A+

the most recommended certificate for people who want to get started in IT, the base pay is not bad either. requires you to pass the 1001 and 1002 cores to be A+ certified.

  • Trydesignlab UX academy

One of the best ui/ux courses on the internet, it is quite pricey as well, but not nearly as the other ones. One of the "surest" ways to find a job with no prior experience

  • medical tech (level 1)

this job involves fixing and replacing medical devices, you can study this at some college

  • electrician

not for lazycels, but can be beneficial when moving from state to state because the certificate is often international