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Caamib, (an abbreviation for CoAlphaAntiModernistIncelBlogger)[note 1] is a controversial Serbian incelospherian, born in Croatia, who had an enormous (some would argue negative) influence on the incelosphere.

He is most notable for discussion seeding r/truecels and r/incels and being an original moderator of both. He has been criticised on online forums for his advocacy of female repression,[1] his hebephilia,[2] his slutshaming, his pedophile advocacy,[3] among other stances.[4]

His former blog governmentsgetgirlfriends gained media attention for proposing that governments should pay women to go on blind dates with males who are incel.

Incel forum activity[edit]

Caamib's entrance into incel forums began on during April 2008. During the following years, Caamib would become a fixed presence on the love-shy forum. On this forum, and also during 2008, he explained his murder-suicide plot involving a girl who broke up with him almost a year prior. Because of these comments, he was reported to INTERPOL, got arrested by the police and was thrown in prison for a month.[5] After his imprisonment, Caamib claims that he "didn't really want to do it".[6]

Caamib helped mold and create the first incel subreddit r/truecels and was he was the first poster and one of the original mods on the now banned but hugely influential r/incels. Despite being one of the r/incels founders, he was banned from r/incels for saying he might have sex with his daughter once she turns 12.[7][8]

During August 2019, Caamib started a forum called Incels and Male Sexualists. Zesto took this offline when he wiped the server it was on, and the owners of the domain have also not been able to regain access to change its DNS records.

His role in the incelosphere is greatly diminished now as he decided to end any incel activism of his. He greatly dislikes what r/incels turned into and therefore what is. He was banned from the forum with very few posts under his belt there.

r/incels and were not friendly toward female users. Caamib believes that women should be allowed to join incel forums and that they can make great moderators; that there shouldn't be rules against bragging; and that people should stop coming up with new words that use "-cel" as a suffix.


Caamib first gained wide public attention when his governmentsgetgirlfriends blog was featured in Huffington Post Magazine on May 17th, 2013[9] and Jezebel[10] made an article on the site the day after.



He had a Wordpress blog which was deplatformed in late 2019 or early 2020. The blog argued that psychiatry cannot address incel. Caamib clarified that he was not totally against psychiatry as a profession.[11]


Caamib wrote he thought Ted Cruz was the best 2016 US presidential candidate for "working class" Americans. He also wrote that a Bernie Sanders win would collapse the US economy, and that Donald Trump was "slimy" and ran "scams". He stated he disliked Trump, but appreciated Trump's 2016 presidential win because of many liberals and feminists being upset at Trump's win. Caamib also held out hope that Trump's win might embolden the American component of the 'NRx' movement (which Caamib appreciated). Caamib also hoped that Trump's win would improve the emotional state of white Americans and reduce third world immigration into the United States.[12]

Caamib compared what he saw as the degradation and silliness of 2016 incel forums as mirroring that of the silliness of Trump being elected. He implied that the insanity of a Trump presidency was a fun and appreciated expression of choicelessness among those without romantic options in life, among others.

On rape[edit]

He stated that raping prostitutes should be illegal, but raping 'sluts' should not be, seemingly not realizing how many people prostitutes sleep with.[13]

On incels[edit]

Caamib believed that feminism, female promiscuity, and liberalism had reduced men decent, intelligent men to datelessness, lovelessness and sexlessness.[14][15]

On other bloggers[edit]

Caamib had a close relationship with a user, and supporter of Islam named fschmidt. Both of them moved onto smaller reactionary forums of fschmidt's creation including Co-alpha Reactionary Forum and

Caamib also showed appreciation for the blogger Eivind Berge.[16] Eivind is a blogger who defends hebephilia/ephebophilia as 'normal' and once opined on whether or not "pedophile rights" were an MRA issue, after stating that pedophile rights were integral to the existence of an MRA "movement".[17]

On pedophilia[edit]

Caamib publicly wrote on a blog that he is not attracted to females under 12 years old, and that he would be open to having sex with a toddler despite this. He stated in his blog comment he would be open to this because he "hates modern Western women".[18]

He calls this stance of his "limited political pedophilia", and also publicly stated he doesn't advocate pedophilia against non-feminist girls.[19]

Personal life[edit]

Romantic life[edit]

Caamib had 2 romantic romantic relationships and sex with 5 women by the year 2014, all of whom he met on dating websites or dating SMS services.[20]

Despite having sex with 5 women, Caamib considered himself an incel in 2014, writing that his history of shyness around women and reliance on digital dating makes him deserving of the label.[21]

Caamib also wrote that he would be incel forever from 2014 on due to multiple health issues, including depression. He also blamed his incel on a lack of money to "make a difference" in his own country or abroad. Caamib was also concerned about the toll stress was taking on his body, and wrote that he was aging too much from stress to offer much to women.

Court hijinks[edit]

Once while attending court, Caamib complained about not having a girlfriend. The judge laughed and jokingly implied he'd find someone randomly outside the courthouse. Caamib wrote a public letter to the judge afterward asking the judge to criminally prosecute his parents and complained to the judge that he did not find a girlfriend outside the courthouse.[22]


He was banned from Reddit at least 4 times, including under the usernames u/GovernmentsGetGfs, u/thatincelblogger, u/yeahthatincelblogger, and u/caamib.

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  1. Other names he went by include: GovernmentsGetGirlfriends (first blogging name), Dante Alighieri ( username) and ThatIncelBlogger.



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