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CVE (an abbreviation of Countering Violent Extremism) is a loose, experimental, Western, soft-power CT professional field[1] compromised of self-styled Gandhistics who employ a theory of crime prevention that, "undergirds federal surveillance programs".[2] The field also encompasses private-sector, self-proclaimed terrorism experts looking for government money. Particularly non-professional CVE may overlap with true crime fandom.

The practice involves itself in extrajudicial interventions on innocent civilians by professionals and/or the state in an attempt to combat political violence.[3] The theory claims there are scientifically identifiable markers for "at-risk" people (i.e. potential terrorists)[4] which can be combatted with trauma therapy[5] and co-opting communities with underhanded recruitment tactics and government messaging.[6]

The, "National Security Oversight Institute of Canada", a reputable, accountability organization said

CVE is easily the least transparent, most unaccountable national security program of its size in modern times[7]

—National Security Oversight Institute of Canada

With their government counterparts also taken into consideration, their track record in the USA is increasingly, demonstrably poor. [1] [2]

CVE and incels[edit]

In 2020–2021, circumstantial evidence emerged that a number of CVE organizations began infiltrating and astroturfing self-described incel or blackpill spaces. If this is true, it likely started happening way before 2020. Which would partly explain why most modern incel and blackpill forums are such shit, if it's true.

In general, by involving themselves in intervention work with incels without addressing their primary stated grievances, CVE implies the primary stated grievances of incels are illegitimate. It's useful to note the only primary stated grievance for most self-described incels, is years of celibacy, not advocating a white ethnostate, or anything like that. In fact, the primary stated grievance of incels aren't even extreme, which is a requirement for CVE involvement. Mike King of RAN makes good points when he said male supremacists are the actual extremists, not hard-up men wanting a girlfriend (incels).


The journalist Dave Newman, on, claims that scholarly consensus deems CVE inneffective.[8] The Brennan Center for Justice claims that CVE is based on, "junk science", and is, "discriminatory, ineffective and divisive".[9]

Some CVE organizations seem to have distanced themselves a bit from the CVE term, while others like RAN, openly embrace it.[10]

CVE-ish organizations[edit]

This list does not necessarily imply involvement with incels or federal law enforcement. Note that starting a private-sector CVE organization requires no credentials, education, or experience, although some in the field do have credentials and experience.

The main public CVE orgs seem to be: Moonshot CVE, AP, ICSVE, ISD, RAN, LuL, AVE, Gen Next, and OPV.

Radicalization Awareness Network[edit]

Radicalization Awareness Network aka RAN is funded by the EU Commission's Internal Security Fund - Police.[11] The organization claims 6,000 ill-defined "practitioners", presumably CVE or something adjacent.

On April 15, 2021, the RAN held a group video conference including high-profile, public CVE figures including Mike King (Director of research at Canadian: Organization for the Prevention of Violence) and Christian Mogensen, called Webinar on 'The Violent side of Incels and challenges for P/CVE. Maximilian Ruf also appeared in it, who works frequently with RAN.[12] The presentation opened with a fairly alarmist slide show presentation, but led into a discussion that was much more calm, with most practitioners arguing that painting all incels as violent terrorists is harmful and inaccurate.[13]

Light Upon Light[edit]

Light Upon Light aka LuL seems to be private-sector which currently self-identifies as CVE explicitly,[14] and sometimes prefers the term, "preventing violence extremism". They were also founded self-consciously and explicitly by Jesse Morton and Mitchell D. Silber as a PVE/CVE organization.[15] They work closely with a number of different organizations which self-identify as CVE, they claim to have ties to RAN, and they have ties to ICSVE and Alliance For Peacebuilding.[16]

The organization has a particular focus on, "formers", short for, "former radicals", and seems to take a relatively sympathetic and light approach to incels.

They used to list Sergeantincel aka Alexander Ash, as a shapeshifter, i.e. a LuL approved influencer.

In December, a few weeks after the New York Times published a piece highly critical of Alexander aka Diego, and the day of follow up reports announcing an open criminal investigation into Diego,[17] one of the founder of LuL, Jesse Morton died randomly at a young age in Florida.

Moonshot CVE[edit]

Moonshot CVE publicly received 1.5 million dollars from the Canadian government to research incels and provide intervention work.[18] They released a paper which included non-criminal and non-violent material from incels dot wiki and the Twitter account, followed by more problematic material.[19]

Alliance for Peacebuilding[edit]

Alliance for Peacebuilding aka AP doesn't seem to self-identify with CVE but does work with CVE organizations. The project is led by Elizabeth Hume, and self-describes as a network of hundreds of NGOs and academic institutions dedicated to promoting peace. They also self-describe a government lobbying organization which uses scientific evidence. On the whole, the organization is somehow less detailed about it's activities than a 2 month old political party.

On November 14, 2020, AP accepted a video submission from Jesse Morton of Light Upon Light, which also featured Naama Kates, Mike Niconchuk, and Sergeantincel (the leader of, which, as of May 2021, is an unlisted video on YouTube. In the video, Alexander describes his alleged intent to intervene on members of his forum who are "feeling" suicidal or homicidal. He notably doesn't mention his suicide forum, where people die on it frequently.[20] In the video, Naama Kates describes her podcast as an incel platforming avenue, and that she doesn't think incels fit into the "true crime" genre anymore. She also states the people in the video are bringing together a, "working group", of, "practitioners", and incels, and tells people to visit the Light Upon Light website. Morton and Mike signal they don't want to label all incels as violent and highlight they are "just like us", paraphrased.

Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD)[edit]

Institute for Strategic Dialogue aka ISD is a London-based charity and anti-terrorism outfit operating through the The Trialogue Educational Trust charity. They have US, German, and France offices. The group was co-founded and is led by Sasha Havlicek. Their stated goal is to promote democracy and deplatform those they consider harmful.

They have proprietary digital media analysis, which they claimed has helped them remove, "white supremacist, Islamist, and disinfo Twitter accounts".[21] They claim to have trained over 5,000 professionals.

Against Violent Extremism[edit]

Against Violent Extremism aka AVE is operated at ISD by Tanya Silverman. It is a partnership between Jigsaw (formerly Google Ideas) and Gen Next (invite-only secretive org which barely describes what it does but has a number of CVE roundtable discussions on YouTube). Like many other CVE-ish orgs, it is focused on recruiting former radicals, as well as survivors of radicalism. It was launched by Google Ideas at the Summit Against Violent Extremism in Dublin in 2011.[22] They are particularly focused on helping, "at-risk", youth.

International Center for the Study of Online Extremism[edit]

The International Center for the Study of Online Extremism aka ICSV is an organization publicly directed by Anne Speckhard.[23] ICSVE released a statement in 2020 that they were officially merging with Light Upon Light, and later updated to say that there is no current relationship between the ICSVE and Light Upon Light.[24]

Academic piece[edit]

In January 2021, Anne Speckhard, Jesse Morton, Molly Ellenberg, Naama Kates, Alexander Ash, (Ash being a leader of a "sanctioned suicide" site which for years included young, healthy people[25][26][27] which has also led to the deaths of various publicized young, healthy people including a teenager and a young woman,[28][29][30] and ran a Suicide Wiki detailing methods of suicide for it's members[31][32][33][34][35][36]), and Ken Reidy were publicly listed as co-authors of a piece for Homeland Security Today called, What Incels Can Tell Us About Isolation, Resentment, and Terror Designations.[37]

ICSVE webinar[edit]

In the webinar, Anne Speckhard accurately stated, "incels don’t chose their situation and their emotional responses of anger and frustration over it are understandable [...] what they do with those emotions is a choice".[38]

to which H. Colleen Sinclair, Associate Professor of Psychology at University of Minnesota asked, "And why aren’t they charged as gender-motivated hate crimes?".[39] Naama Kates pushed against this response from Colleen.[40]

There was further disagreement between Naama and a couple other women in the room over whether the famous incel shooters were involved in gender based targeting.[41]

Independent researcher Dr. Lisa McConnell suggested changing narratives within to SergeantIncel and others. Notably this was something this wiki suggested to Sergeant, and were banned from his servers as a result, so users could build up the Scientific Blackpill page (radical defeatism) more.

Naama Kates then says she doesn't believe ( ?) recruits at all,[42] perhaps never seeing this ad that was spammed all over Reddit by during the r/incels fall, which is how they got their base.


as well as this later one (which Serge made), after their base solidified,


Anne then states that

incels who have gone to psychologists are often angry over the failure in their minds of their helpers to understand the psychosocial realities they face, things that they have personally little control over like living in a lookist society and where a lot of dating begins with online apps.

—Anne Speckard

Anne proceeds to characterize as a self-improvement forum,[43] which is hilarious, given the forum makes fun of anyone who does anything that doesn't directly promote social darwinism or fatalism and genetic determism for ugly men. The forum has almost no frequent non-trolly or non-outrage-seeking threads dedicated to honest looks-improvement, and the forum instead has a general culture of bullying and trolling activity which the admins do almost nothing about. Ie, making fun of fashion advice, harassing fellow users, and the like.

Anne then relays a debunked tradcon narrative from Sergeantincel that neo-nazis and other good geners like Richard Spencer have used to advocate horrible things against incels saying, saying

I would think then that in traditional societies where marriages are arranged and sexual promiscuity is not openly allowed prior to marriage and marriages are not delayed for decades after coming into puberty we may see far less frustration of this type.

In early societies, incels were paupers or peasants, they were not arranged into marriage, except in very few societies, often late into relative life, and often through violence against standardcels (a type of incel) to marry someone they did not want. A study of America in the 1800s, for example, shows more inceldom among young adult men than during the 1990s.[44] The idea that the sexual revolution empowered women to eliminate a further pool of men through sexual selection is false, mildly social darwinist, and discriminatory. If there was less pre-sexual revolution sexual frustration, it probably would have been due to a lack of mass communication to bounce around grievances, and a view of sex as tied to procreation, not because there were less incels, because rampant inceldom seems to be a fairly consistent phenomena not only since-precivilization but even in our animal ancestors.

See the: Sexual revolution caused incels hypothesis.

The polygamy advocated by social liberals in the 1960s was largely polyandrous, not polygygnous. This sexual revolution was hijacked by tradcons, capitalists, and feminazis.

See: Charles Fourier

Anne further clarifies that traditional societies may not actually help incels, citing Arabic countries.

ICSVE and Diego[edit]

After the New York Times published a highly critical piece on Serge, which also exposed the full name and location of Serge ("Diego"), Anne posted on Twitter, in public, that a member of ICSVE helped on the piece.[45]

Gen Next[edit]

Gen Next is the weirdest group out of all of them. It's an invite-only, lobbyist organization, led publicly by Michael Davidson[46] that focuses on CVE, as well as education reform and "relations with [foreign countries including possibly] Russia".[47] Self-descriptive videos are a barrage of buzzwords and empty phrases.

Seems to work with Google. Technology and Foreign Policy Director of Google Ideas, Jared Cohen is a member of Gen Next, and has worked in government in the past. Describes a desire to collaborate with international security orgs.[48]

Organization for the Prevention of Violence[edit]

Organization for the Prevention of Violence, aka OPV is a Canadian, self-identified CVE[49] org, with a research director named Mike King[50] who appeared in a RAN video stating a dovish approach to incels, and stating the fact that most incels are not "at-risk" or violent.[51] Centered in Alberta and Edmonton and has working relationships with respective local police, the Alberta government, and the federal and national police service of Canada(RCMP).[52]

CVE lingo[edit]

Not unlike 4chan, CVE have their own made-up lingo!, often in academic journals, including:

At risk of becoming a terrorist
Former radicals/extremists
Hard power CT
Financial incentives or punishment, including potentially law enforcement in CT[54]
Soft power CT
Promotion of democracy, as well as Hollywood, culture, and entertainment business co-option/astroturfing in the name of CT[55]
Open Soure Intelligence. Basically this means CVE intelligence made readily available to the public for free, and gathered by non-professionals.
Preventing and countering violent extremism
Preventing Violent Extremism
CVE professionals, police officers, teachers, mental health professionals, and/or youth workers
Survivors of radicalism/extremism
Radicalization to violence


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