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The Italian word brutto (literally "ugly"), plural brutti, designates someone from Italy who is on the incel spectrum. It is also used as a synonym to the word italiancel.

Italian words to designate involuntary celibates[edit]

In Italian language there are many words that indicate a man who finds it hard to get a woman:

  • Brutto (plural 'brutti'): ugly, bad looking man
  • Sfigato: this word literally means "unlucky" but it's used to point out people who brings bad luck in a superstitious way. Among teenagers it means a generic "undesirable"; the word itself etymologically derived from the negating prefix "s-", and "figa" meaning "pussy", in other words it can be loosely translated as "deprived of pussy"; the word is similar to the English word "loser".
  • Caso umano: derogary term used by Italian women to refer to unattractive men; roughly equivalent to "basket case"
  • Single: borrowed from English
  • Tardone: simple or slow minded

Brutto Vero[edit]

Brutto Vero (true ugly) means "truecels" in the Italian Incelosphere and is usually abbreviated to "BV".

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