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Contrapoints, Hbomberguy, and Philosophy Tube (left to right)

Fans of these YouTubers can be particularly hostile to incels

BreadTube describes a collection radical left-wing YouTubers and their followers. Fans of breadtubers are often hostile to incels.

The name, "breadtube", originates from the anarchist philosopher Pyotr Kropotkin's book: The Conquest of Bread.

Many Breadtube creators started from small sites such as leftypol. Early material often included anti-capitalist memes, anti-liberal media and politically incorrect humor. The last of the breatubers increasingly came from more normie sites such as Twitter and Tumblr. This is something that has largely divided old leftypol users and modern Twitter & Tumblr.


Breadtubers vary quite a bit ideologically, and align themselves all over the left-wing spectrum, but they are largely "left-libertarian". Despite this, many of them are known to not associate with other breadtubers. They will often in-fight with eachother, and accuse eachother of being "authoritarian". Some of them may align themselves with anarcha-feminism.

Unstable fans[edit]

Breadtubers are known for having extremely aggressive and emotionally unstable fans. Many breadtube social media pages are moderated by ruthless radicals. They will discipline over any microaggression they deem "problematic".

Breadtubers tend to be radfems and over-PC. They are not big fans of edgy humor, satire, or really any trivial thing they don't like.

Cancel culture, cyberbullying, and the "Vampire castle"[edit]

Many are known to participate in online harassing campaigns such as cancel culture. These controversial online guerilla campaigns (which are also attributed to the alt-right) include: harassment, shaming, social exclusion, threats, doxxing or even false accusations. This is also known in left-wing circles as the Vampire Castle, a term by the late British cultural critic Mark Fisher.

This "cancel culture" strategy is essentially cyber-bullying, and has lead numerous people to suicide or depression, such as with Mark Fisher or Fredrik deBoer respectively (Fredrik being a notable incelphobic). Such activity has been discussed by YouTubers such as Contrapoints as being based entirely on a desire for revenge and self-justifying their sadism against people they don't like rather than actually solving problems. Despite this, cancel culture is still very prevalent and even the norm among Breadtubers.


Other people may hide their true ideology, out of fear of being "canceled". This often turns such places into echo-chambers that attack any criticism. Such ideas also apply to incels, with breadtuber often banning incels on-sight and without question. Breadtubers will also attack such incels, especially if they question the legitimacy of the actual anti-sexism of modern feminism.

Sheep mentality[edit]

Popular opinion usually decides the popular opinion among breadtubers. They often pander to liberals, social democrats, and radical-feminists, to convert them to their brand of radical leftism. This, in practice, often leads to greatly diluting the radical left with liberals and social democrats who don't actually know what communism or anarchism is, and just use such labels to justify their outbursts of virtue-signaling. Radical leftists claim that this opens the gate to normies who just want to fit-in with Breadtuber. Allegedly these normies-turned-breadtubers don't care about actually making a positive political change, often leading to said breadtubers changing their ideology as well.

Inability to handle criticism[edit]

Any public criticism to breadtubers often leads to mass attacking especially if said breadtuber makes a response to said criticism. Many breadtubers may often whether intentional or not come off as extremely smug and often see themselves as right most of the time even when this is not the case, because of this, debating them can be extremely difficult. As even when proven wrong, their cult of personality often leads their fans to harass the debater regardless if their points were right or not.


Purplepill criticism[edit]

Many purplepill incels argue that Breadtube as of now is largely privileged first world teenagers and youth who tend to fight for noble ideas through neo-liberalism rather than actual progressiveness. And are upset over minor issues while at the same time acting like incels are whiney and have nothing to cry about. Many Purplepill people may think that Breadtube is a great stretch from actual leftist praxis and nuanced debate. Many also dislike the lack of satire, parody, or making fun of things people consider "problematic". They may also argue that some forms of identity politics are corrupted by neo-liberalism and often are for the first-world middle-class and not represent the needs of minorities of other identities such as ethnic minorities, people in developing nations, native groups and incels. And those that claim to often do it through insincere tokenism.

Redpill criticism[edit]

Many Redpill incels typically mock breadtube and prefer watching alt-right content... However, the right-wing has been significantly decreasing in size (alongside the rise of breadtube) and many people once apart of the right, including incels have progressively decreased in size due to many leaving or converting to the purplepill.

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