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Baby boomers (also known as boomers) are a mostly narcissistic[1] demographic cohort following the Silent Generation and preceding Generation X. There are varying timelines defining the start and the end of this cohort; demographers and researchers typically use birth years starting from the early- to mid-1940s and ending anywhere from 1960 to 1964.

They grew up with basically everything handed to them, but as they grew older, attributed most of their success to themselves. They are notorious for withholding real estate from their kids more than any previous generation, through pricing primarily. They tell millennials that acquiring real estate from them is, "making it", in life.

Boomers often castigate millennials as too entitled to the work of others through government social programs. Ironically, boomers feel personally insulted and angry when a private business refuses service or presents them with a minor inconvenience.

Incel boomers[edit]

There exist incel boomers, and even self-described incel boomers. On YouTube, they call themselves, "TFL" mainly. Also, many former members of are now boomers and never found a partner.

Boomer femcels, have a number of pejorative names, including: leftover women, cat ladies, and 3S women.

Boomers & younger incels[edit]

Boomers tend to be very problematic for incels. Some incels even argue that boomers have a part in creating inceldom due to poor parental education.

Boomers tend to believe that every conflict or issue can be solved with hard work, a 'firm handshake', and a smile. And you can neutralize or solve any bad situation by simply being nice guy and expressing yourself. Another belief that boomers hold is that being a gentleman and being nice will automatically attract women in modern dating spheres.

Incels take responsibility in educating future generations, something that the boomer generation failed to do.

Boomers against warm meetings[edit]

Being raised by the silent generation, boomers had the opportunity to meet women through warm approaches encouraged by their parents or community who understood the need for society to have a role in pair-bonding. Boomers are known to be neoliberals in old age and reject any meaningful societal involvement in personal affairs, including helping their children pairbond with women.

Thus, boomers uncritically accepted the redpill, and expect their children to do cold approaches. They were also the first generation that elevated PUA into the mainstream in the 90s and early 2000s.

Wealth and Real Estate Hoarding[edit]

Boomers own 75%+ of the real estate market,[2] often renting real estate out at ridiculously high prices. Baby boomers, along with their parents the silent generation, own 80% of American household wealth.[3] This means everyone below age 53 in American only owns 20% of all the wealth in America and only a quarter of the real estate market. They are also not expected to leave any of it for their children, which is horrifying and will leave millennials in extreme poverty unless Boomers or their parents blow up the world with nuclear bombs in a fit of existential dread (something they have almost done multiple times). Boomers blame millennials for not having enough money, but are in control of the issuance of new dollars, and they also have all of the money. So they are quite literally not giving millennials money and then blaming them for it. This generation is also responsible for the general government budget tightening in the 80s onward, which is also insane and will guarantee rampant millennial poverty unless millennial's learn from their parents mistakes (unlikely).

Hedonism & Notions of Success[edit]

Boomers educated the previous generations to think of themselves as special, and opportunity is only granted through 'hard work'. They often endorse their sons, and grandsons to move into the 'big city' and 'make it big', instead of keeping them humble. They perceive success in terms of material wealth, those who have the biggest house and the fastest cars 'win'.

Despite an attempt to pass on narcissism, a metastudy of generational narcissism found that boomers are actually more narcissistic than millennials.[4]

Patronizing Young People[edit]

Boomers are known to patronize younger people for being lazy and irresponsible. However, most boomers are overweight, in-debt, or simply dumb. They always use the excuse of well its just because im older now,but back in my day.. which is a none-argument. you can't really fact-check the "back in my day arguments".

The Silver Haired Fox Debate[edit]

An incel YouTuber named Hell by the Dashboard Light said that men don't age like fine wine. While being in your twenties and thirties may be more attractive to women than being in your teens, nonetheless, men become milkmired and 'hit the wall' of an acceptable age for casual dating earlier than women.

Boomers often say that very old age is attractive in itself, which is something Hell argues to be a lie in his video series. The vast majority of oldcels are sexually invisible to women according to hell.

Boomer Presidencies[edit]

There have been 4 American boomer presidencies: Clinton, W. Bush, Obama, and Trump. Key events which happened partly due to presidential action/inaction include:

  • expansion of mandatory life sentencing, and universally more punitive prison sentencing laws (1994)
  • workfare (1996)
  • global war on terrorism (2001-now)
  • warrantless surveillance of phone calls and emails (2001),[5]
  • indefinite detention without charge or trial (2001)[6]
  • global financial crisis (2008-now)
  • the longest war in American history (20 year Afghanistan war, 2001–2021)
  • sex recession (2008-now)
  • warrantless surveillance of American internet searches,[7] and the content of all international communication[8](2012)


Boomers are generally terrible at defending themselves too


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