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The body pill is controversial information discussed in blackpill circles and is considered to be objectively false by modern-day science. Readers of this page might benefit from reading this information, or could be mislead depending if the observations made about this theory are true.


The body pill in essence is the fact that your capacity to form a healthy body is greatly limited by your genetics and age. Modern day science claim that the human body responds extremely well to diet and exercise which is proven to be false and vary greatly from person to person. According to current studies only 10-20% of people succeed in meeting their desired fitness goals.

In addition, the timeframe in which you are capable of doing so is different.


The most effective time to achieve a healthy body figure is between the ages of 13 and 22, After that it might be greatly difficult or impossible. Modern day scientists claim that people in their 40's and 50's can achieve perfect body figure if they stick to 2000 calorie diets and exercise 3 hours every day, which is visibly false. Older people who stick to similar diet and exercise patterns do not achieve any significant improvement in their fitness goals or looks. Plus, exercising 3 hours a day might be worse for your health depending on your genetics as it is grueling and unethical to begin with.

Fat loss[edit]

There is no way to tell how much a person needs to exercise to achieve weight loss. exercise routines do not take genetics as a limiting factor therefore are potentially hazardous to the person that follows them. If some skinny people do not train at all, Then how come overweight people need to train in order to maintain good body weight? It is simply a logical error which is not easily explained by popular science.

If metabolism can be decreased or increased through lifestyle choices then how come certain people are visibly unaffected by eating habits and their consequences?


Muscular bodies can be considered an anomaly as most people fail to obtain them, or only gain muscle in very specific areas of their bodies. There is no way of knowing your own capacity of increasing muscle mass until you start training.

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