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Incel installs super shower to get rid of his incel

Bluepillsplaining or Chadsplaining is a subset of platitude consisting of any form of bluepill advice given to those on the incel spectrum by people who have no idea what real, chronic and perpetual nonredamancy is like.

Those in the incelosphere usually find this advice to be patronizing since the advice largely consists of cliches and discourse that is pretty much common knowledge. It is also insulting because most self-identified incel people do basic grooming/fashion (and some go above and beyond) and many have tried therapy. Blackpilled and redpilled incelospherians and manospherians also tend to view it as ignorant as it negates the existence of the halo effect, hybristophilia or cacophobia.


  • "Just clean your room!"
  • "Just take more showers and get more haircuts!"
  • "Just be confident bro!"
  • "You should really get therapy, you seem depressed"
  • "You should use some Lynx deodorant and women will flock to you!"
  • "If you wear Pradas, I promise you're gonna get girls in no time!"


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