From, the incel encyclopedia was a blackpill, incel online forum run by Anondump and co-adminned by Cancel, which partially served as a refuge for Incelocalypse posters,[1] including Nathan Larson.[2] The forum was mainly active between July–August 2018. A man named Pedro Francisco Smith publicly admitted to being Anondump in 2018, in a video he published for the public entitled “Men are Entitled to sex”.

After the site went offline, users moved to



Many internet sleuths found that Anondump was a Hispanic diagnosed with Aspergers named Pedro Francisco Smith, from Southern USA, who had gotten in the news for a bank robbery,[4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11] and eventually, allegedly relocated to the UK.

Anondump was also a user on[12] This user had posted Pedro's face as his own, and was later banned from[13]

Bank robbery[edit]

Pedro's mugshot

Pedro bragged on 4chan about robbing a bank, was arrested,[14][15] went to jail, and then bragged again after being let out.[16][17]


On YouTube, Pedro Francisco Smith made a video with the name, “Men are entitled to sex”. The face in the video matches with mugshots of Pedro Francisco Smith, as well as the selfie posted by Anondump on In the video, he admitted to being Anondump explicitly, admitted to running, stated he was an, "incel", stated he supported rape, wanted patriarchy "restored" and women, "stripped of their rights". He made a political endorsement for Nathan Larson in the video. He also expressed he was not concerned with his private/personal details being public because he had, "nothing to lose".[18]

According to Pedro, the police visited his house.[19][20] According to r/IncelTears and the only comprehensive history of incel people outside wikis called: “The Incel Movement” by ReformedIncel, this was because Anondump had talked about a bombing and had bought chemicals, with which he was allegedly toying with.[21] In response to a question from a forum user that went, “I assume you're trying to make bombs with the nitroglycerin and detonators. Can I ask what you're planning to blow up?” the answer allegedly was, “some feminist building, sluts, a whorority house, its all good. If I fancy it that is heh heh.”[22]

Questionable content[edit] had a “crime forum” dedicated to crime fantasy, and was described by Anondump as such:

Ive decided to make things more interesting and added a crime forum. Like sun tzu once said. All is fair in love and war. And lets face it folks. Were at war. This feminist garbage is beign peddled at all levels of our society. Enough is enough. Youll be able to discuss and brainstorm your serial killer/rapist fantasies and whatever else. Ill be damned if i let a bunch of thots that think they can run an extortion game with their vaginas off easy. Itll only be visible to registered users along with venting.

Viva la resistance.

—--Pedro Francisco Smith (site admin)[23][24]


The forum was shut down a couple of times. The first time is was shut down, Pedro claimed Kiwifarms users got it shut down.,[25] and the next time he claimed he voluntarily shut it down to avoid, "liability", from screenshots posted on inceltears and Kiwifarms.[26] The forum was shut down for good after the owner relayed his US house was visited by the police, and he was worried about being extradited from the UK to the US.[27]

The domain was subsequently transferred as a 'gift' to Master, who eventually let the domain expire.[28]

Successor forums[edit] shutdown on July 8, 2018, and users moved to After that got shut down, users moved to After that got shut down, users moved to


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