From, the incel encyclopedia was created as a refuge for posters. It was run by Nathan Larson and was co-administrated by a former admin named Robtical. After it was shut down, users moved to during February 2020 and some staff moved to later that year.


  • Leucosticte/Nathan Larson (founder/staff)
  • Robtical (staff) -> NCU admin
  • FukkenLoser (staff)
  • Mainländer (staff)
  • feminismiscancer (staff)
  • Cancel (mod)
  • imLS
  • Pariah
  • Inceptor
  • mathmet
  • Swordstick
  • GameDevCel -> admin
  • fukurou -> NCU user
  • Vergil -> NCU user
  • SuperCheatBros -> user, Lookstheory mod
  • Irvine1122
  • Vintologi/Adolf512
  • IntolerantSocialist

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