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Type: Forum
Founders: GameDevCel/FailedArtist
Frontend Admins: GameDevCel/FailedArtist, Ghost
Server Admins: GameDevCel/FailedArtist
Writers: Teenage men / young adult men
State: active
Companies used: Epik's Bitmitigate, Google, RU-CENTER-RU
Successors: None
Prior URLs: none
Alternate URLs:,
URL: is an all male, blackpill, pseudo-incelospherian "alternative" to and that started in February 2020 as a refuge for users. It was started by a dominant member named GameDevCel (now FailedArtist) and another person who pays the bills but wishes to remain anonymous.

During September 2020, the forum switched from Vanilla forum software to Xenforo, and the old Vanilla posts were moved to (now inaccessible)[1]

As of 2022, has enjoyed quite a bit of popularity due to an influx of users after Vcelguy mass banned users during 2021.[2]

Early History[edit]

Transition from[edit] was used as a refuge for posters, which closed down because of a female spamming nudes, which caused drama among the admins.[3] initially used phpBB forum software, but switched to Vanilla forum software and was moved to the domain at

Many regulars got offended at Vcelguy going on ban sprees, and so more set up shop at Their active user count also began to surpass

After recruited more users, they got DDoSd, which they fixed by closing down all traffic not routed through Cloudflare.[4]

They briefly went down on October 30, 2020, after server abuse reports as mentioned earlier. No backups were ever done by GameDevCel as he said he never wanted to pause the database to do so. He was able to retrieve the data, as mentioned earlier. They came back online around November 1, and are currently online.

Bombing and revival[edit]

On October 30, 2020, their server was forced offline through abuse reports to the server company. All forum threads were temporarily lost in the process. The threads that got them shut down were about clothed women under 18. They claim there was no child pornography in the threads and were shut down for no good reason.

Their host reviewed the situation and let them have their data back. was back online shortly afterward.

The following screen was posted by GameDevCel in a public Discord room after the ban showing how their server was terminated by the server company itself. vs[edit]

In April 2021, Members of NON-CUCKS UNITED and participated in linking alleged accusations of semi-secretly working with various NGOs, on itself. This drama actually appeared to have started on itself with former members banning themselves from the forum. Some members of and NCU joined later on, egging on users to self-ban from the forum. expressed discontent with the material being linked and the accusation being made, banning many of their most active users. This continued for almost three days. After sergeantincel and others on expressed great dissatification with the unfolding events, was hit with a massive, illegal Layer 7 DDoS which they solved with forcing CAPTCHAs on the forum.[5] Members of the forum thought Sergeantincel or others high up in were directly involved in DDoS attacks on in 2020 and 2021,[6][7] however evidence at that point was still mostly circumstantial.

A year earlier, in 2020, the admin of had accused (now of illegally DDoSing their forum.[8] He had also placed layer 7 DDoS CAPTCHA protection on and off on his forum for years. did the same and for the same reasons.

After the NYTimes expose of the founders, SergeantIncel left, which prompted GameDev to take aggressive layer 7 DDoS protection (Cloudlfare CAPTCHAs) off his forum.

2021 Raiding[edit]

During 2021, the forum was raided by someone named neetard, who GameDevCel thinks tried to astroturf his forum and report the site to the server host. During this time, GameDevCel moved server hosts twice, and moved DDoS protection from Cloudflare to Epik's Bitmitigate.

List of mods and admins[edit]



  • GameDevCel/Failed Artist (administrator)
  • Ghost (administrator)
  • Accounterror]
  • 卐 ангел смерти 卐
  • GrimIsSlim
  • Slap


Child pornography and images depicting sexualization of minors are not allowed on the forum. Women and LGBTQ people are not allowed on. Excessive racism is banned. Doxxing and IP grabbers are forbidden.


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